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The Workflows function will enable you to a create a template for a business process within a schedule for a given dimension and a selection of events. For each source state it will be necessary to define the authorized destination states.

Example: A workflow will define that for an Absence event with the status “Requested”, it will be possible to change to the “Validated” or “Rejected” statuses. However, once the absence has changed to “Rejected” status it will not be possible to assign it the “Requested” status again.



Creating a workflow


In the Settings menu > Workflows > Right-click on Workflows > Create a Workflow > Choose the dimension that will control the workflow’s status changes.


The corresponding part then opens:



Give the workflow a name.

If the multi-language management is activated in the Admin center, it will be possible to fill in a name for the workflow in the proposed languages by clicking on the v7_adm_en_parametres_generaux_symbole_multilangue button.


Name of the workflow in french Suivi de validation
Name of the workflow in english Validation follow-up
What is seen in a FR desktop Suivi de validation
What is seen in a EN desktop Validation follow-up



Give the workflow a description. This data is optional.



This indicates the creation date and time and the most recent change to the hourly calendar, together with the login of the user who made the change.

This property is updated automatically.



If enabled, this button enables the workflow.


Events filter

Here you define the events filter the workflow must apply to.



To configure the workflow:

  • Click on a resource in the left column (source resource),
  • Then click in the right column on the authorized destination resource(s).

Whenever a workflow is defined for a resource from the chosen dimension, the “(x)” symbol is displayed next to the resource name (where x is the number of resources selected on the right).

For resources that will not have any defined destination statuses, the workflows will forbid any change in status.


To select several destination resources, press the “Ctrl” key.

To unselect one or more destination resources, press the “Ctrl” key and click on the chosen resources.

Once all the statuses have been defined, click on the Validate button to validate creation of the workflow.

Modifying a workflow

To modify a workflow, Click on the workflow to modify > Make the modifications and Validate to save.

Deleting a workflow

To delete a workflow, right-click on the workflow to delete > Delete.

The following message appears:




  • Yes to delete,

  • No to cancel the deletion.



Workflows become active as soon as you modify an event in the schedule.


Non compliance with workflow

When the workflow does not allow a change in status, the following window is displayed:


Visualization of workflows

A user or a group of rights with no visibility of a workflow in the definition of permissions will not be subject to this workflow.

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