VPDeskLauncher is the standalone launcher for VISUAL PLANNING.

Thanks to VPDeskLauncher, there is no need to use the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) pre-installed on the machine.

Visual Planning users no longer need to install and execute JAVA on client workstations.

This new launcher contains OpenJDK, a secure, open-source JRE entirely compatible with Visual Planning. OpenJDK is a stable open source technology, supported by a large, active community of developers, providing frequent updates to guarantee security and upward compatibility.

VPDeskLauncher, published in December 2018, is available free of charge to customers who have a valid maintenance or hosting contract.

It works with SAML2. You can thus log on to VPDeskLauncher via an SAML2 authentication system, allowing you to proceed using WebSSO.

VPDeskLauncher enables you to access one or more schedules directly. In addition, with VPDeskLauncher you can access schedules stored on different servers.




Downloading VPDeskLauncher


You can download VPDeskLauncher from the VISUAL PLANNING site. Go to the customer space.

The VPDeskLauncher installation files are named as follows:

  • VPDeskLauncher – x.x.xx.msi for Windows;
  • VPDeskLauncher – x.x.xx.dmg for MacOS.

Once you have downloaded the executable to your workstation, double-click to start the installation.

To download VPDeskLauncher, go to the VISUAL PLANNING site > Customer Space tab > Tools

The following window appears:


VPDeskLauncher is installed automatically on the desktop. The corresponding icon is then created.


Simply double-click on this icon to launch VPDeskLauncher.

Integrating a URL in VPDeskLauncher


You can directly integrate the server URL in VPDeskLauncher without having to add it manually. You can do likewise to force a given schedule.

To do so, once the VPDeskLauncher shortcut has been created, right-click > Properties. The following window opens.


In the Target field, at the end of the text, add:


  • The extension -Dserver=http://my_visual_planning_server to force the opening of the corresponding Visual Planning Rich Client when VPDeskLauncher is launched,
  • the extension -Dserver=http://my_visual_planning_server -Dplanning=My_schedule to force the Visual Planning server and a specific schedule to open by default when VPDeskLauncher is launched.

    • where http://my_visual_planning_server is the name of the Visual Planning server,
    • where My_Schedule is the name of the schedule.
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Download VPDeskLauncher

Download the last release of VPDeskLauncher for Windows or MacOs

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