Creating a notification


You can create notifications for the events. The notification serves to notify VPGO users if an event has been created or modified. The events concerned by notifications can be filtered.

To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > Configuration pane > Click on VPGO.
  2. Click on the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_afficher button to the left of “Notifications”,
  3. Right-click on Notifications > Create an event notification.

The corresponding pane opens:


Specify the characteristics of the notification (below), then click on the OK button to validate the creation.



The Name field is required. It gives the template a name.



The Description field is optional. It gives the template a description.



This represents the creation date and time and the most recent change to the template, together with the login of the user who performed these actions.

This characteristic cannot be edited.



This button determines whether or not the template is active.



Select the dimension that will represent the notification icon.


The icon selected here will only be displayed on Android terminals.


Select the heading containing the VPGO login.

If the recipient is recognized and is already logged in to VPGO on a mobile terminal, they will receive the notification.


If no heading is selected, all users who are recognized and who have already logged in to VPGO will receive the notification.


Choose the event headings and/or attributes that will define the title of the notification.



Choose the data to be displayed as the contents of the notification.



Choose the type of notification to be received.

There are two types:

  • Creation/modification: a notification is sent when an event is created or modified.
  • Reminder: triggers a notification a certain period of time, in minutes, before the start of the event.

X minutes before

This field is only enabled if the “Reminder” option has been selected beforehand in the types.

It is used to define the period, in minutes, before the start of the event concerned when the notification is triggered.



Choose the filter that defines the events for which a notification must be sent.


Mark the sending

If enabled, this button is used to mark the sending of the notification of the event’s creation/modification:

  • In a form heading named VPNOTIFICATION if it has been created. Its type must be Text, Multi-line text or Boolean (for the latter, the button will be enabled),
  • In the Note if no heading has been created.
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