VPGO: RESOURCES list template


Viewing a template


When VPGO is launched, if a Resources List template has been configured for the schedule, it can be selected by pressing the corresponding tab.


Resources corresponding to the filter defined during configuration will be displayed. Each resource is identified by the characteristics described during the configuration.

When the resource list is displayed, more detailed information can be viewed for each resource. To view this information, press a resource.

Resource filters

If resource filters were selected in the “Dimension filter” field when configuring the template, resources can be filtered.

If there are several filters, you can select one by pressing the vp7_vpgo_fr_bouton_filtre_evts button.

Select a filter in the following window:


Select the resource and press OK to save your changes.

Scanning a resource

This option is enabled if a barcode/QR code type heading has been configured and properly entered.

Press Scan in the proposed list of filters to initiate the device’s camera and scan the code of the object.

The resource with the same code in the list of resources will be selected.



The events displayed can be filtered. Filtering can:

  • Filter the event lines displayed,
  • Filter based on headings and the properties displayed,
  • Condition: Contains.


Note that headings and properties that are not visible in the template are not counted when checking the filter condition.

QR Code search

It is possible to activate the QR Code search in a resources list model as long as a resource contains a Barcode type heading.

This option is enabled if the Barcode type heading has been configured and properly entered.


Press the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_scanner button to initiate the device’s camera and scan the code of the object.

The resource with the code will be displayed in the list.

Editing a resource


Pressing a resource opens the editing window:



You can edit or send an e-mail by clicking on the person’s address in the editor.



The headings displayed in a resource can be edited if the user has the required permissions.

There are three possible options:

  • Press OK to save the modifications,
  • Press Delete to delete the resource,
  • Press Cancel to keep the resource as it is.

Creating a resource

To create an resource, simply press the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_ajouter button.

The window shown below opens:



  • confirm the creation of the resource by pressing the OK button,
  • or cancel the creation by pressing the Cancel button.

Managing events in the resource list

To display an event in a resource editor, you must insert a list of events in the data to be edited in the editor’s settings (see Configuring VPGO).

In an editor, the event list will appear directly in the tab if that attribute is the only one selected to be displayed.

It will be possible to edit these events if an editor is associated with them.

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