VPGO: Connecting to the schedule


  • If identification is defined through Admin Center, the user name and password are the same as the ones used to connect to VISUAL PLANNING.
  • If identification is defined by a dimension, the user name and password are the ones entered into the headings used for identification in the VPGO module settings.

Once these details have been entered, VPGO offers to link the login information to the digital fingerprint if your mobile phone has a fingerprint scanner.

If you accept, the app will offer fingerprint authentication the next time you log in.

Once connected, the following screen is displayed:


From this screen, you can:

  • Log out by tapping the button.
  • Choose offline mode by tapping the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_parametres button and deactivating the Online button.


  • If you are connected to the server, the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_connecte button will be displayed on all VPGO screens.
  • If you are disconnected from the server, the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_deconnecte button will be displayed on all VPGO screens.
  • Access the Settings by tapping the menu button at the top left of the screen and then tapping Settings.

The following window appears:


The functions below can be accessed from this screen.


  • Download what: If this button is enabled, only files smaller than 20 MB can be downloaded.
  • Download how: If this button is enabled, downloads can use mobile data.
  • Download when: If this button is enabled, downloads can only take place when the mobile is charging.
  • Battery: Defines the minimum battery level for downloading to be enabled.
  • Quota: Defines the space allocated to attachments.


To activate fingerprint recognition, press the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_empreinte button to enable the fingerprint reading setting.

Next time you log into VPGO, a window will suggest linking a fingerprint that has already been saved on your mobile with your VPGO login.



This function is only possible if your mobile has a fingerprint scanner that has been set up.


Press the vp7_fr_vpgo_bouton_stockage button to view your storage space.

The following screen appears:


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