The VPPORTAL module is an additional VISUAL PLANNING web client that can be used to consult and modify your schedules using a web browser on a computer (PC, Apple Mac, etc.) or a mobile terminal (smartphone, etc.). It adapts to the type of screen used, and automatically switches from landscape to portrait mode.

It consists of:

  • a configuration interface accessible from VISUAL PLANNING (definition of visible and modifiable information),
  • the user interface accessible from a computer or mobile terminal via an URL.

The VPPORTAL module is an optional feature. If this option is not taken out, the corresponding menus will not be visible in VISUAL PLANNING.



The VPPORTAL module has been approved for VISUAL PLANNING.

It requires a PC terminal (PC, Apple Mac, tablet, etc.) or mobile terminal (GSM phone, PDA, Netbook, etc.) connected to the Internet with an HTML 5-compatible browser.

VPPORTAL has been tested and validated on the following browsers:

  • PC: Edge, Chrome, Mozilla – latest versions,


VPPORTAL does not work with Internet Explorer.

  • Tablet: IOS or Android.

This module requires a VISUAL PLANNING installation with external access (public IP).



A license number is required in order to install this module.

To obtain a license number for the VPPORTAL module, contact the sales department:

The module is installed from the Admin Center, Modules menu, Right-click on VPPORTAL > Register License > Named or Floating as appropriate.





Once it has been installed, VPPORTAL licenses are managed in the same way as VISUAL PLANNING licenses.

  • You must link the license up with the logins of users who are going to use VPPORTAL.
  • The user permissions defined in the Admin Center determine which information is visible and modifiable for VPPORTAL uses.

You can also define the users of the VPPORTAL module in a dimension of the schedule. (See Settings).



Only users identified as “administrators” have access to VPPORTAL module settings.

After registering the licence, you must define the VISUAL PLANNING users who are administrators of the VPPORTAL module from the Admin Center > Modules menu > Right-click on VPPORTAL > Modify > Administrators. Select the users.

The schedule “administrators” also have access to the configuration of the VPPORTAL module.

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