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Single user, for small businesses

  • 700 € for life

  • £ 650 for life

  • $ 900 for life


Single computer install, includes our core features to get started:

  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Your own schedule views, agendas, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, tables and lists
  • Unlimited dimensions, fields, resources and events
  • Forms and calendars
  • All filtering options
  • Business rules and alerts to prevent errors
  • Custom reports, graphs, and workloads
  • One-click data import / exports to Excel or csv

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From 1 to 1,000 users, cloud based

  • starts at 35 € per user per month,
    billed annually

  • starts at £ 35 per user per month,
    billed annually

  • starts at $ 55 per user per month,
    billed annually


Powerful features to run all operations, in and out of the office. Deploy effortlessly in our enterprise-grade cloud.

Includes all features in VP ONE, plus:

  • VPPortal – web-based access for team members
  • VPGO – mobile app on iOS and Android, with offline access
  • VPIcal - publish schedules to Outlook & calendar apps
  • Geolocation and routing features
  • Create and store documents – 1 Gb storage space, or connect to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Automated e-mail and text messages
  • Team chat, instant messaging and discussion feeds
  • User groups and permissions
  • Integration and automated data exchange
  • Access to our developer API
  • Technical support and upgrade to new versions
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From 1 to unlimited users, on premise install

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All ONE and CLOUD features, installed on your own systems for optimal control.

  • Runs in Windows or Linux J2EE server environment
  • Compatible with MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, PostGreSQL, MariaDB
  • Seamlessly integrates with core ERP, CRM, billing and payroll software through API & web services
  • Active Directory, LDAP, and SSO SAML 2.0 integration
  • Enterprise grade support and SLA, with access to new versions
  • Deploy several applications in a single installation
  • Test environment available

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Depending on your project, additional service fee may apply for initial configuration and deployment.

Recommended for teams of 10 or more
Visual Planning consultant

Jumpstart your project with our team of experts.

We have been building schedules for a living for 20 years. Our team of consultants and trainers is ready to help you implement best industry practices and figure out the simplest way to achieve your goals.

Get the most out of Visual Planning with in-depth process analysis, full configuration and set-up, integration, and user training.

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What makes Visual Planning different from other scheduling software?

What all other software typically offer:

A single application, with pre-built features (including some that you probably don’t need).

Rigid work processes that force users to change the way they are doing things, with high risk of resistance to change.

Limited customization options – you may get to change a field or two if you are lucky.

You get the same product as the competition, so there is little competitive advantage to be gained.

Visual Planning is like a thousand applications in one. Here’s why:

+ All aspects of the software are entirely customizable, from displays and views to data structure, work processes, and even our mobile app. There’s no programming involved!

+ We leverage one of our preset templates if you want something quick and easy, or build a new application for you from the ground up.

+ A unique app built for you is like a swiss army knife. You can address all issues with it, and make it scale with your business.

+ You can deploy several applications (we call them “planners”) in a single Visual Planning installation. There could be one for the project team, and one for the production team.

+ All staff uses the same solution, which increase efficiency and reduces time spent on administrative tasks.

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We love to chat about Visual Planning and how we can make it work for you. Feel free to call or send us a request:


or call +33 (0) 1 47 29 99 69 for Europe, (855) 589-9800 for the USA


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