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Here we discuss best practices in scheduling and what makes resource management a key function in the modern business world. Read from our industry experts around the globe.


When you reach Excel limits for scheduling

People think that if they stop scheduling with Excel sheets they will loose control of their organization...



It's a kind of habit...

Everything is a question of habit. People are used to work this way or that way and when it is about 

changing their tools or their working method, it is getting difficult. Everybody knows how to use Excel

which an excellent solution; but when one needs dozen and even hundreds of spread sheets, it is just

not manageable anymore.


From difficult experience to great solution!

Excel users have found limits when resources scheduling was concerned. 

Colas Rail had been using various means to manage its operations: pen and paper, Excel sheets... 

With 3 sites and 15 staff members, they needed a highly collaborative, efficient tool.


Efficient responsiveness need 

Atlantique Berlines wanted to find a solution that could enable to response to urgent requests from 

clients in real time. Previously, all this had been done on paper. The key to the customer's business 

is responsiveness to clients' needs, and only a scheduling tool could make this task easier. 



GL Events explains how they needed to become mobile with teams all over the place when organizing

big events. Visual Planning was the scheduling software that could provide complex planning.


“Visual Planning” scheduling software is always following the best practices and good trends. 

Stilog team is working for its continuous enhancement to satisfy users’ current and future needs.




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