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Fleet Management


Scheduling management is now much easier, thanks to the drag&drop, it is just so fast!

The problem

Managing a fleet is all about optimizing your costs and being able to monitor and control potential drifts (miles, equipment maintenance, double bookings), as well as assure workers mobility and reduce damages. A very specific job and sometimes a constraint for certain companies. The right fleet management should be enable you to decrease your costs, gain more time and be more efficient.

Benefits of Visual Planning 

And to do so, you don't need a complex and expensive. Visual Planning provide a collaborative and effective way to organize, monitor and manage your fleet. The solution removes every complexity and enables you to focus on what's really important. From now on, you can benefit from a simplified employee record keeping and vehicles scheduling. 

Key features of Visual Planning for Fleet Management

  • Assign vehicles to drivers and track history
  • Check vehicles availability at a glance
  • No more spreadsheets - centralize all your vehicle in one single database
  • Store all contact details license information, photos, documents and more
  • Monitor the activity of all your vehicles simultaneously 
  • Be mobile - get essential information and updates in real time from the field through your mobile device 
  • Cost tracking - know precisely how much each vehicle costs you to operate
  • Create and customize your own reports for powerful insights
  • Keep up with certification renewals and license expiration
  • Repair tracking - keep up with all the potential vehicle damages 
  • Set up automatic email reminders for car users


Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. More than 400 construction companies worldwide already trust us with their schedules! 


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