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Office Tools Integration

Visual Planning easily integrates with your other applications, and it is all built-in.

Word - Mail merge

Generate documents using schedules and project data in Visual Planning and Word’s mail merge functionality. Create and automatically fill in great company documents such as contracts, delivery notes, task reports, and more. Get a PDF copy that you can attach to an event or resource in Visual Planning, or send to a team member or customer.

Excel and spreadsheet editing tools

Our step-by-step import feature from an excel spreadsheet makes it easier to transition to Visual Planning with all your records still available. You can also export data back to a spreadsheet whenever needed.

Outlook and other e-mail and calendaring applications

E-mail notifications

Not only can you directly send e-mails from Visual Planning, but any modification in Visual Planning can trigger e-mail alerts to your team members or customers. Schedule reminders and create your own e-mail templates to send notifications in bulk.

Shared calendars (iCal)

Schedules in Visual Planning can be easily shared using the ical format to integrate this information into a user’s personal calendar on Outlook, Google Calendar or a smartphone app.

RSS feeds

Events in Visual planning can be published as an RSS Feed to be displayed in RSS feeds reader apps, such as Google Reader or Digg, email applications such as Outlook, or your business internal website.

Sharepoint, Dropbox and other file storage

Any cloud file storage system can be used to tie a project, task or event in Visual Planning to one or more files or folders. Files can be opened, edited and saved back directly from Visual Planning. You can also use Visual Planning to track several versions of the same document, all stored in your cloud.


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