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Production Scheduling with Visual Planning

A simple production scheduling software to track crews, machines, processes and supplies

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Planning production work ahead and anticipating bottlenecks is key to deliver products on time and keeping happy customers. Following process flows is essential to maintain quality throughout the chain, and avoid unnecessary delays. But without a true production scheduling system, keeping teams, machines, materials and suppliers in sync can look like a tough mountain to climb.

3 things you need to watch on your production schedule

Production Plannning
Assign relevant, available crewmembers and machines to each task

Manufacturing supplies
Have the necessary materials and parts delivered to you on time so jobs don’t get pushed back

deadline and costs
Follow the production process and identify bottlenecks, delays and unexpected costs

Benefits from using Visual Planning for production scheduling

Manufacturing companies that rely on Visual Planning significantly reduce scheduling errors, which leads to more efficiency and visibility in the production channel and helps get customer orders delivered on time.

Visual Planning production scheduling

Key features of Visual Planning for Production Scheduling

Production manager icon For the operation manager
  • Centralize all work orders
  • Track shifts and assign available crew members with the right skills on jobs
  • View machine schedules and plan tasks according to run rates
  • Create templates to quickly schedule long process flows with dependencies
  • Track simple inventories of parts and materials, and manage suppliers
  • Notify the sales team from unexpected delays and late deliveries
  • Integrate with ERP, HR and billing systems

Visual Planning project schedule

ManufacturingOn the shop floor

Visual Planning project app

  • View who is assigned to each line and upcoming tasks/work orders
  • Access individual work schedules and shift info on tablet / smartphones
  • Quickly report on issues so the schedule can be updated accordingly


Large and small manufacturing companies rely on Visual Planning to efficiently plan and track production jobs. Read all our case studies and testimonials here or take a look at all Visual Planning features.


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