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Project management with Visual Planning

Simple project management features designed to get you there in no time.

"Visual Planning was extremely easy to customize for the various project life cycle requirements of all our business units. It's a user-friendly tool and was very easy to deploy!”

Dr Arun Roy, VP of Engineering - Safran Engineering Services.

Completing internal projects successfully is essential to your company so that it can achieve its long-term objectives and outpace the competition. But managing a project from planning and scheduling to execution is often tedious. Complex validation processes can harm the productivity and creativity of your teams. Each project may involve many internal and external resources that need to communicate with each other and keep track of progress in a unified way. All stakeholders ask for actionable reporting that takes time to put together. And juggling between unforeseen delays and deadlines is a permanent challenge.

3 things you need to manage projects successfully

Project Plannning
Planning, coordinating and optimizing teamwork, availability, skills, and locations

project time management
Good time management and task prioritization

tracking project deadline and costs
Tracking and complying with deadlines and budgets

In order to control its project and limit the risks, the resource management tool need to be flexible, intuitive, and need to propose to the user the most relevant features only. 

Benefits from using Visual Planning for Project Management:

A powerful yet easy-to-use collaborative Project Management solution – that is the holy grail of most Project Managers. Visual Planning adapts to your needs and offers to use the features you need only to reach your objectives.With Visual Planning for Project Management you get to create, organize and track on all your projects in a couple clicks. By using Visual Planning to manage your project portfolios you can bid farewell to complex, time-consuming applications.

Visual Planning project analytics

Key features of Visual Planning for Project Management

Project manager icon For the Project Manager
  • Outline project plans including phases, milestones, resources and costs
  • Quickly find the right resources to staff your projects base on their availability and skills
  • Monitor resource utilization and adjust the team workload to deliver value on time
  • Map your business processes and workflows to gather accurate information
  • Monitor task progress, deadlines and potential delays
  • Assign fixed or calculated task values for instant visibility of costs and time spent
  • Create your own real-time, interactive reports and graphs to make insightful decisions

Visual Planning project schedule

Project team iconFor the Project Team

Visual Planning project app

  • Enter and share project information - time spent, expenses, task progress, and project documents
  • Receive real time updates and notifications on your projects and tasks
  • Integrate project monitoring with your other tools: emails, online calendars, and RSS Feeds
  • Access and update projects on mobile devices, even when you're not in the office
  • Export aggregated data to a spreadsheet and produce standard reports in a couple clicks
  • Collaborate with colleagues through instant messaging and project discussion threads


Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. Find out more about all Visual Planning features here, or read our case studies to understand how we are helping those companies to leverage their inner strengths: 


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