This document is the reference manual with a description about the activation and functionalities of the Forum for VISUAL PLANNING.

Reading some chapters of this manual assumes you have a good knowledge on VISUAL PLANNING. If necessary, refer to Use chapter.


A Forum is a message board where users can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

In VISUAL PLANNING, a forum is subjected on a resource.

Unlike Chatrooms, Forum archives messages of each user and offers an asynchronous communication.


Technical prerequisites

The Forum option has been developed and validated for VISUAL PLANNING ESSENTIAL and VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE, version 5.2.

Functional prerequisites

A Forum requires the creation of at least one dimension.


Users rights

The visibility of all or part of forum for a user or a group can be managed in the Management of the permissionsof VISUAL PLANNING.

Its is managed from editing rights of the dimension

  • A Forum can be accessed by authorized users or groups.
  • A Forum cannot be accessed, nor seen by users or groups that do not have a permission.

Activate a forum

To activate a forum, select the right dimension

In the following window, select on “Activate a Forum” then click on “Validate”

Once a Forum is activated in a dimension, each resource of the dimension has an activated forum.

Inactivate a forum

To inactivate a forum, deselect the box corresponding to “Activate a Forum” in the dimension settings.



When the user is connected to the planner, if a forum is activated and if the user has the visibility rights on the forum, it can be launched:

  • by double-clicking on any resource in a resource view and then clicking on the Forum tab.
  • by right-clicking in a resource view and selecting Forum

The Forum will appear.

An opened Forum window avoids the browsing on the planner.

Write a text message

It is possible to write a text message in a forum. To do so, write a text in the writing window and send it by clicking on Add button.


Delete a text message

A text message in a forum can only be deleted when the user is connected. To delete a message, select the message itself and click on Delete

  • Deleting a message cannot be undone ;
  • An administrator is able to delete any or all messages in a Forum.
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