Powerful construction planning and scheduling software

To track projects, staff and equipment weeks, months, or even years in advance.


Successful construction project management involves

For construction companies and related industries, it’s essential to have scheduling software made for tracking, managing, & planning upcoming projects.

Whether it’s a renovation rehab or constructing a new skyscraper; users can manage equipment, generate quotes, and invoices, and/or monitor budgets & costs.

Find the right worker to tackle a job based on skills, certifications, and / or availability.
Real-time access to all information and status updates from the field to minimize completion delays and improve communication with your customers and subcontractors
Track inventory, budgets, cost, and more with Visual Planning’s reporting view.

Benefits of using Visual Planning as a construction forman

Regardless of company size or specialty (residential, infrastructure, or industrial), Visual Planning has developed in-depth management solutions dedicated to improving company productivity and accomplishing organizational milestones.


Schedule, manage and track the planning and progress of your construction sites in an efficient way.

  • Optimize work organization
  • Anticipate periods of over – or under – loading of activity
  • Gain in efficiency on all your construction sites.
With Visual Planning Scheduling Software Dashboard, you can access to each activities informations


Present all your data in a simple and collaborative dashboard for :


  • A better management of your resources
  • A better traceability of tasks
  • A simplified report of the operations in real time
  • Saving precious time for a better profitability.

Benefits of Visual Planning for your business



Build comprehensive scheduling displays to monitor every detail at the jobsite.

Access up-to-date information remotely from the worksite.

Forecast planned versus actual schedules and track progress made on each project.

Manage teams, vehicles and machinery allocated to each site and get immediate visibility on their availability.

Create and maintain your own database of customers, suppliers and subcontractors.

Manage your subcontractors and suppliers efficiently based on costs, capacity and skills.

Integrate Visual Planning with your existing IT systems: ERP, CRM and quoting applications.

Access your schedules from anywhere on mobile devices (tablets or smartphones)

Generate precise, personalized reports for optimum tracking of your hours and expense.

Update your tasks in real time to indicate completion or delays.
Receive e-mail or SMS notifications for any change of schedule.
Share information between connected users using instant collaboration features (chatrooms, forums).

Improve business productivity through scheduling.

Our clients

Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. Find out more about all Visual Planning features here, or read our case studies to understand how we are helping many companies to leverage their inner strengths.

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Manage the planning of a construction site with Visual Planning

Discover through this short demonstration video, the features of Visual Planning that allow you to manage your resources and improve the productivity of your department or your company.
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