Thanks to thousands of customers of all sizes and in all sectors of activity, VISUAL PLANNING has become the undisputed leader in the planning management market.

In the context of VISUAL PLANNING’s sales growth, and in order to support this development, STILOG has decided to rely on a network of strong partners. The functioning of this network is based on reciprocal commitments detailed in a simple and effective program.

Through training, marketing and sales actions, simple tools and permanent support, our partners can quickly develop their turnover by bringing real added value to their customers.

You can become a VISUAL PLANNING partner at several levels. The choice of your level of access will be made jointly according to your commitments, your expertise, and your positioning. There is no “entry ticket” to become a VISUAL PLANNING partner, you simply have to follow the training corresponding to your level of certification:

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The value-added reseller (“VAR”) is autonomous in pre-sales and after-sales: he detects projects, carries out the sale, and implements the solution for his customers (settings, training…). He can also provide functional support for the solution for his customers, and thus develop his VISUAL PLANNING customers over time. He can ask STILOG for help on important or difficult issues.




They resells the VISUAL PLANNING software, i. e. it acquires complete autonomy for the processing of all the pre-sales phases: qualification, demonstration, commercial offer. He ensures that the services (configuration, training, etc.) are provided by STILOG or by a value-added reseller.




Through his expertise, his activity or his location, the business contributor detects needs and projects for which VISUAL PLANNING can meet. He qualifies these projects and forwards them to STILOG or a value-added reseller for processing.

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