Our network of partners operates across Europe to provide you with local product expertise, support, consulting and training.

Each partner follows targeted training courses at our headquarters to gain a deep understanding of software features and best practices.

Regardless of your industry or company size – our partners can help you choose, build, implement, and run the Visual Planning solution that best fits your unique needs. Find a trusted professional on our map below.

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Partner Expertise and Certifications


Affiliated Partners


Affiliated Partners help us relay Visual Planning to their own business circles and grow the user community. They can be your first level of contact if you are still unsure that Visual Planning is the right fit for your project. They detect needs and projects that are great fit for Visual Planning. If we can help you in any way, the affiliated partner will put you in touch with us so that we can help you move forward.


Certified Partners


Certified Partners are skilled professionals that have developed expertise to guide you throughout the solution selection phase. They offer local project qualification, counselling, product recommendation and demonstration services. They aim at building a project offer that is in line with your expectations and goals. Project deployment services are then performed by a consultant from Stilog or a third party.


Integration Partners


Integration Partners have acquired sufficient product expertise to guide you throughout your project, from initial requirements analysis to deployment and live support. Their teams are proficient in Visual Planning configuration and they can set up a full solution for you, as well as provide training for your end users or system administrators. They may also offer integration services with other enterprise solutions (ERP, accounting systems, etc.). Some of our integration partners have been working with Stilog for more than 15 years!

Become a partner

Thanks to thousands of customers of all sizes and in all industries, Visual Planning has become the undisputed leader in the schedule management market.

Our tight community of partners is at the heart of our product strategy. Our network is based around mutual commitments, and a simple, yet comprehensive and effective program.

As a vendor, Visual Planning is an unrivalled addition to your product offering. Our customization features and API enable you to conceive unique solutions to address your market.

Through training, marketing and sales support, our partners can quickly expand their reach by bringing real added value to their customers.

Our tiered certification levels allow you to select the amount of product training and autonomy that best fit your portfolio and strategy. In that way, we expect you to commit to product training to ensure that you provide excellent service to end users.

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