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Explore the benefits of adding Visual Planning as your dedicated scheduling and resource managment software!

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Join our continuously growing network of partners and resellers throughout the Americas & European markets.

Connect with our in-house team of Consultants & Sales Reps and explore new opportunities ti increase profit margins with  Visual Planning as your flagship management software. The added value of Visual Planning Partner:


Discover new markets & broaden your existing revenue stream.


Supplement your current product offerings with Visual Planning as an integrated solution.


Develop new relationships within Stilog's diverse pool of executives and business leaders!

The benefits of being a partner

We provide our partners a library of up to-date resources to help develops sales, connect with a wide consumer base, and curate a diverse customer portfolio.

Product Synergy

Integrate Visual Planning into your
existing product offering.

Product Training

We equip your teams with tools and
resources to best communicate Visual Planning as a solution.

Expand Product Offering

As an industry agnostic solution,
diversify your revenue stream and target your desired market with Visual Planning.

Technical Support

Troubleshoot with unforseen issues with Visual Planning online 24/7 hot ticketing system.

Product Update

Be among the first to know about the latest software updates, upcoming features & more.

Our tiered certification levels allow you to select the amount of product training and autonomy that best fits your portfolio and strategy. We expect you to commit to product training to ensure that you provide excellent service to end users.

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Affiliated Partners help us relay Visual Planning to their own business circles and grow the user community. They can be your first level of contact if you are still unsure that Visual Planning is the right fit for your project. They detect needs and projects that are a great fit for Visual Planning. If we can help you in any way, the affiliated partner will put you in touch with us so that we can help you move forward.

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Certified Partners are skilled professionals that have developed expertise to guide you throughout the solution selection phase. They offer local project qualifications, counseling, product recommendations, and demonstration services. They aim at building a project offer that is in line with your expectations and goals. Project deployment services are then performed by a consultant from Stilog or a third party.

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To guarantee customer satisfaction, our teams work closely with our technological partners. We support them by setting up an interface between their solution and VISUAL PLANNING. The aim is to offer dual expertise and a complete solution. We can achieve this thanks to our standard data import/export functions, whether triggered manually or automatically, or using our APIs.


Become a partner

Thanks of thousands of customers of all sizes and various industries, Visual Planning has become the leader in the schedule management market.

Our dedicated community of partners is at the heart of our product strategy. Our network is based around mutual commitments, and a simple, yet comprehensive and effective program.

As a vendor, Visual Planning is an unrivalled addition to your product offering. Our customization features and API integration capabilities enable you to conceive unique solutions to address your market.

Through training, marketing and sales support, our partners can quickly expand their reach by bringing real added value to their customers.


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Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

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