Choose the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool

For your business

“Visual Planning is a collaborative tool, every department find what they need: from procurement to the client without loosing any information.”

Customer relationship management is the ground element for successful companies. You know how to  work with customers. You know your strengths and what customers are looking for when they come. And you know that all customers are all different.

However you lack the right tool toeffectively manage your prospect pipeline, sales leads, and existing customers. What you need is a single place to store all that powerful knowledge so that everyone can benefit from it company-wide. That is where CRM software from Visual Planning comes in.


Icon of business process organizational capabilities of CRM

Following the business processes and the operations for customer satisfaction

Icon of customer file building capabilities of CRM

Building customer files, tracking your contacts on schedule, arranging appointments, etc.

Icon of sales analytics capabilities of CRM

Recognize sales potential (by customer typology, sales representative, etc.) , monitor sales and billings


Visual Planning for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a flexible application that is crafted based on your specific requirements. It allows you to cater to your evolving business by always matching your needs, and can grow with you. 

Visual Planning can be used to create tailor-made collaborative CRM applications to assist your sales team to efficiently record, track, share and follow up on their leads, accounts and opportunities.

In a single click you can allocate leads to a specific salesperson, highlight prospects for a month or a quarter or share information between different teams and individuals. Individual and collective targets are always a couple clicks away to drive everyone to the best results.

Laptop using Visual Planning CRM software


Icon of Sales Director using Visual Planning CRM software



  • Use a single tool to manage in-house sales and external resellers
  • You can allocate leads in a single clickto a specific salesperson and highlight prospects for a month
  • Control information flow through user rights
  • All your leads in one place – you can allocate lead to your sales teams and get access to the lead track records, company-wide
  • You can have one single view for quotes, orders and invoices
  • Get visibility – we create specific metrics that matter for you and assemble them in real-time, interactive dashboards
  • Never in the office? Retrieve and update schedules and customer information from our web portal, get reminders through e-mails, text messages, on your calendar or through an RSS feed

Icon of Sales Team using Visual Planning CRM software



  • Create a sales territory to track and segment your sales completely
  • Track customers through all stages of the sales cycle right from prospecting through closure – Finally closed that never ending deal? Switch from lead to actual customer status with one click of a button
  • Schedule meetings, follow ups, contract renewals and get reminders to always be on time
  • It is very simple to set up and follow all your loyalty programs
  • Create multiple documents – quotes and documents – using mailmerge
  • It is all about the team – discuss in real time with your colleagues, point out a specific customer record and store one thread for each lead
  • Upload and share files with everybody – meeting minutes, proposals and templates

Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. More than 400 construction companies worldwide already trust us with their schedules! Read their case studies and testimonials here.

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