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Here we discuss best practices in scheduling and what makes resource management a key function in the modern business world. Read from our industry experts around the globe.


7 Must-Watch TED Talks for Project Managers

As a project manager, you frequently wear multiple hats and deal with a considerable number of things: deadlines, budget, teams...all at the same time is a real hassle. And when things go wrong, you are so stamped with work and so stressed, that finding a fast and practical way to solve problems seems impossible. Well it is not! You just need a fresh perspective. That is where TED Talks can prove to be of great value. 

The Definitive Guide to Managing a Construction Project l Visual Planning

Managing a construction project can be quite complex and requires several responsibilities and skills to pull it off. The ultimate goal is to deliver a successfully completed project to your client on time and budget while turning a profit for you and your subcontractors. But getting to that endpoint isn’t easy.

The True ROI of Project Management Software

Effective project management is essential to meeting business objectives. However, with so many tasks, responsibilities, and resources involved, managing projects is becoming increasingly complex, and businesses are struggling to complete projects on time and on budget. That’s why the most mature organizations use project management software to plan, organize, and track their projects. Here’s some compelling data on how project management software helps organizations.


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