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Here we discuss best practices in scheduling and what makes resource management a key function in the modern business world. Read from our industry experts around the globe.


7 Efficient Ways to Avoid Employee Scheduling Nightmares

An efficient, reliable workforce is one of the most important resource - if not the most important - for any kind of business. It’s only natural that your workforce has to be well managed in order to accomplish the work they are supposed to. However, last minute events such as absences, sick-leaves or time off may get into your way. Add that to payrolls issues due to a bad tracking of hours and employee scheduling can quickly become a real headache.

How Much Are You Losing Every Day? The Power of Deciding Now

One of the best testimonials that we ever received from a customer is this: a couple months after deciding to implement Visual Planning, the Business Unit Head of a very, very large global business called our CEO to say that they had uncovered one million dollars’ worth of operating losses due to errors and inefficient processes, that they couldn’t possibly have evidenced it without Visual Planning and that they were in the process of resolving those.

25 Effective Ways to Motivate your Employees

When it comes to growing your business, you can use all the technology and latest tools you want, if your employees are not motivated to do a good job, you won't be getting very far because let's be honest, without them, things not much would be working so well.


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