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Successful support & field service management involves

For your team, keeping customers happy is just as important as closing sales. It seems as easy as putting the right man on the right job – but add multiple sources of information and limited time to organize your operations and things can soon get painfully complicated. On the other hand, you don’t want your client waiting too long for maintenance and service because nothing is more frustrating than a non reactive company.

You need a robust solution that enables you to improve your service quality, reactivity and efficiency. That’s where field service scheduling software from Visual Planning comes in.


Identifying the most appropriate resources to respond to requests based on their skills, availability, and location

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Quick access to full customer details and requests in order to better target their issues, and needs


Good responsiveness and traceability of actions

Benefits of field service scheduling software from Visual Planning

Visual Planning gives you visibility into your resource allocation and helps drive efficiency and quality to your field service team. It allows you to bring the best value possible to your customers. With our solution, saying goodbye to delays, double-bookings and unbilled jobs is just one click away.

of resources

Schedule and organize all your interventions, maintenance and problem solving in a very simple and efficient way to improve customer relationship management.

  • Handle customer complaints quickly and efficiently
  • Implement preventive actions to reduce as much as possible all the possible problems related to the after-sales service and thus improve customer satisfaction and productivity.
With Visual Planning Scheduling Software Dashboard, you can access to each activities informations


Visualize immediately your actions in progress, according to the chosen modules (project scheduling, progress of interventions, traceability of tasks, production management, resource management, inventory management, invoicing, etc.) with our simple, intuitive dashboard that offers many features to facilitate your work.


Measure your performance and anticipate customer dissatisfaction with accurate reports.

This will provide key indicators to your support teams (intervention report, etc.).

Manage your efficiency and follow your objectives with Visual Planning Statistic view


Give your mobile teams access to their schedules, tours, interventions via PDA, Tablet, Smartphone.

Visual Planning is suitable for both small or large companies. You just have to choose the modules of the field service management software that you need to customize your company software and adapt it to your business.

Key features of Visual Planning for field service management


Assign work orders to your workforce – work orders can be allocated to different team members taking into account their availability, workload and location
Organize your rounds depending on your technicians’ availability
Monitor your equipment allocation – you always know what is being used and what is available
Be mobile – get essential information and update work orders in no time directly from the field through a tablet or smartphone
Integrate your maintenance contracts
Track in real-time status of actions led in the field and due dates


Schedule and optimize your support teams’ shifts
Design your own process flow because no business works exactly the same way. So why would you have to adapt to a rigid system?
Store a complete log of all the work orders raised by your customers and thereby have a complete customer interaction history in real-time
Monitor the availability of every single resource (vehicles, equipment, etc.)
Secure your data and customer privacy through multiple levels of users rights
Leverage dedicated communication forums for team discussion and collaboration for a better information flow and coordination between different department
Generate and customize your real-time reports to analyze the efficiency of your support teams and resource allocation
Track the due dates and delay for an enhanced customer experience

Improve business productivity through scheduling.

Our clients

Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. Find out more about all Visual Planning features hereor read our case studies to understand how we are helping many companies to leverage their inner strengths.


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