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With Visual Planning’s Scheduling Software, optimize your resources and schedule employees activities to ensure your productivity!

With Visual Planning's Scheduling Software, you can schedule each part of your activity.

Visual Planning, your customized scheduling software

Visual Planning is much more than just scheduling software. It’s a complete, powerful, and flexible planning management solution, designed to meet the various needs of companies, whatever their sectors of activity or their products. Our planning software has a set of features and solutions aimed to simplify resource management, project management, team coordination, tasks scheduling, … and much more!

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Straightforward scheduling with an intuitive interface

  • Plan your activity in your schedules quickly and easily with a simple drag & drop.
  • Centralize all your activity information in your scheduling software to optimize collaboration.
  • Improve your teams’ responsiveness and efficiency with customized views.
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Performance at a glance

  • A wide range of functions to help you run your business and your projects!
  • Interface our planning software with your office tools (mailing, data import/export, etc.).
  • Interface Visual Planning with your information system.
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Schedule from anywhere

  • Manage your activities and resource management processes.
  • Manage your projects, construction project, interventions, maintenance, HR, fleets, training, … From a single software package.
  • Communicate and access your schedules wherever you are, thanks to Visual Planning’s app: VPGo and VPPortal.

Tailor-made solution

  • Visual Planning adapts to all your processes.
  • For each project, we build a tailor-made support package, with a single point of contact.
  • Planning software that can meet all your needs, including specific developments (APIs).

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Visual Planning’ Dashboard increase your work productivity by providing real-time data visualization, tracking progress towards goals, monitoring key metrics, and facilitating collaboration and decision-making.

With Visual Planning Scheduling Software Dashboard, you can access to each activities informations

View tasks, events, or milestones, and make changes as needed.
Visual Planning provides you with an overview of the planning process, allowing users to visualize their work and make informed decisions. Schedule your activities and your project with Planning view.

Visual Planning’ agenda view is designed to provide a quick and easy way for users to view their upcoming schedule, making it easier to plan and prioritize their work.
Users can quickly scan the list to see what they have planned for the day, week, or month, and make changes as needed.Organize your jobs with Visual Planning's Agenda view.

Plan, track and communicate project schedules.Visual Planning GANTT view provides a visual representation of the project timeline and helps project managers to manage tasks, dependencies, and milestones.

Schedule your entire activity with Gantt Feature.

Using Kanban view in Visual Planning is important because it provides a visual representation of the workflow, promotes collaboration and flexible planning, supports continous improvement, and facilitates visual project management. Follow your project's task evolution with Kanban view

Blueprint view offers a clear overview of the project structure. This helps users to easily understand how the project is organized, including its hierarchical structrure, subtasks, and dependencies.

Organize your manufacturing processes by identifiying your department with Visual Planning Blueprint view.

Geolocate and trace your resources from maps integrated into your planning software to optimize resource assignments based on distance and resource location criteria. The aim will be to schedule tasks for greater efficiency and productivity.

Geolocate your resource to schedule efficiently your activity.

This feature enables you to create a view that brings together all your company’s performance information (production times, sales targets achieved, resource load plan, etc.), with the aim of better managing your resources and your business.

Manage your efficiency and follow your objectives with Visual Planning Statistic view

Automation with Visual Planning 9

Discover VPAutomation, the flagship feature of Visual Planning 9 that will revolutionize the way you manage your schedules. VPAutomation will take care of scheduling and auto-assignment to optimize your productivity!

Discover Automatic Scheduling

Have ordered lists of elementary tasks, defined through predefined templates or ranges, where each task requires a specific skill. You also have a list of qualified resources, each resource being catalogued with its skills, pace of work (optional) and unavailability. You can also manage your projects with precise work orders, including detailed information!

Automatisez la planification de votre activité avec l'ordonnancement !

Discover Auto-Assignment

Thanks to an automated system, resources are allocated to available shifts according to their availability and skills. Whether for specific employees or positions, the auto-assignment with VPAutomation ensures an optimal distribution while respecting HR rules, such as 35 weekly hours and mandatory breaks, Ensuring flawless management and your other professional constraints.

Use our mobile features: VPGo and VPPortal!

VPGo, Visual Planning’s mobile application, makes resource and task management accessible wherever you are. This application enables your staff, customers and partners to consult and modify schedules in real time, promoting collaboration and team coordination.

Whether you’re in the construction or manufacturing sectors, VPGo is the ideal solution for optimizing the management of interventions, organizing worksites, time tracking or communicating with your teams!

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With VPPortal, our software’s web-based solution, you’ll have an intuitive, comprehensive interface for every one of your users. Accessible with a web browser, VPPortal lets you access all our software’s functionalities, wherever you are.

Whether you’re consulting schedules, updating task progress, analyzing dashboards or locating resources, VPPortal offers a fluid, customizable user experience, while guaranteeing fast, efficient integration into your existing work environment.

VPGO view

The results are in!

We are happy when our users are too



96% of Visual Planning users believe they are saving time compared to the resource planning and project management software they were using before



96% of Visual Planning users would recommend it to other companies in their industry.



94% of users claim that Visual Planning promotes better coordination / flow of information within the team.



94% of our customers think Visual Planning was easy to learn for both staff and management.

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  • Process Optimization: Integrate your business processes to minimize repetitive tasks and accelerate workflows. By eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining operations, you can free up time and resources for more strategic, higher value-added activities.
  • Team Coordination: facilitate collaboration between team members by providing centralized access to schedules, resources, and relevant data. With real-time visibility on the progress of projects and tasks, each team member can proactively contribute to the achievement of common objectives, reinforcing collective efficiency.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: our software is fully customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of your company, whatever his size or sector of activity. Visual Planning can adapt to your processes and grow with your organization to meet changing market challenges.

What our users are saying


“Success with Visual Planning”

Overall, a wonderful experience with Visual Planning. From implementation to customization, training and support, everything is perfect. Thanks to Visual Planning, we manage our resources much better than before.

The new user interface of the platform is very pleasant and allows us to have a better visibility of our projects.

Chanice V, Project Manager
Source Capterra*


“A flexible solution for time management and task prioritization”

We chose this solution for our project management and time tracking because of its simplicity and modularity.

In an organization like SAFRAN where a wide variety of complex activities are performed, it’s difficult to find a single tool for monitoring time on projects that meets the varied requirements. In this context, Visual Planning was perfectly suited.

Brett S., VP Administrator
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“Flexible and powerful software”

The software provides exactly what we need. Moreover, we were convinced from the start of its flexibility and its very good performances.

A bonus for the technical after-sales service located in the offices of Visual Planning, which allows us to always have the same specialized contacts.

William T., Human Resource
Source Capterra*

Our different software solution

We offer several planning solutions configured to your needs, no matter if you are labeled as smaller or larger businesses.
The Visual Planning software covers all the business verticals for an efficient management of your processes, as much on the production axis as on the human management axis, including the resolution of problems related to the follow-up of a construction site or an intervention.

Project Management Solutions

Our project management software includes a set of solutions that are among the most effective in the planning software market:

  • Planning, optimization, and coordination of resources, availability, skills, and location.
  • Good time management and prioritization of tasks.
  • Respect for deadlines and budgets.

In order to control projects and limit the risks, our project management tool is flexible, intuitive, and provides to each actor just the relevant functionalities for its activity… Its great strength: is to stick as closely as possible to your specifications.

Construction Scheduling Software

Visual Planning for construction scheduling enables you to efficiently plan the various tasks (human and material resources) involved in a worksite, and monitor the progress of these tasks, as well as the performance (financial and operational) of your construction site.

Thanks to the implementation of modules such as project planning, task traceability, production management, resource management, operations reporting, etc., all presented on a simple, intuitive dashboard, you’ll be able to improve your decision-making. You’ll also be able to simplify your exchanges with your teams, including external departments, thanks to a set of document exports.

Our planning software is designed to help you save precious time and improve profitability.

Field Service Scheduling Software

Thanks to our after-sales service management software, you put an end to processing delays and unsatisfied customers and you are efficient in managing your interventions.

Visual Planning allows you to schedule and organize all your interventions, maintenance and problem solving in a very simple and efficient way in order to improve customer relationship management.

For example, our customized CRM allows you to set up preventive actions to reduce as much as possible all the possible problems related to the after-sales service and thus to improve customer satisfaction and productivity.

Our simple, intuitive and collaborative dashboard offers an immediate view of your actions in progress, depending on the modules chosen (project planning, progress of interventions, task traceability, production management, resource management, etc.). This APV management solution allows you to save time, improve your reactivity, improve customer relations and take full advantage of our integrated management software package.

Employee Scheduling Software

Visual Planning’s Employee Scheduling software is a complete tool for managing your employees (workload, occupancy rates, working hours, leave and absence management, etc.).

Visual Planning supports the digital transformation of your HR departments, helping you to make the most of your human capital with simple, effective, and highly intuitive HRM software. The aim is to centralize all your information, as well as your processes.

Our HRM software includes a range of functions that are among the most effective in human resources planning software. Our solution offers functionalities specific to the HRD activity, as well as HR solutions for employees (skills management, absence management, leave management, working time management, etc.).

Fleet Management Software

Visual Planning for fleet management, provides you a complete, and collaborative solution for organizing and monitoring your fleet management, to enhance productivity.

Whether it’s a fleet of vehicles, equipment, sites or rooms, Visual Planning provides you a solution that enables you to centralize and manage all actions relating to your fleet. You’ll be able to organize, track and manage your fleet without the interference of third-party information. If your company has several fleets, you can also create customized views for each one!

Our tailor-made fleet management software is specially designed to meet your specific asset of your bill of specification (fleet management, IT equipment management, equipment rental and maintenance management).

Production Scheduling Software

The Visual Planning solution for production management adapts to each of your production processes, enabling you to plan and monitor each step of your projects, from conception to result. Our planning software for production management will enable you to :

  • Plan design operations in advance, according to available resources (raw materials, equipment, human resources, time management, …), to anticipate peak periods.
  • Maintain quality throughout your manufacturing line/production chain via a set of rules, constraints, and performance reporting.
  • Avoid delivery delays by planning and tracking resource use and stock.

The objective is to provide your company, a solution capable of encompassing the entire dimension of your production. Moreover, it can also be integrated into your information system or interfaced with your other software!

CRM Solution

The CRM Visual Planning software allows you to make your company more agile in monitoring your business processes with a unique collaborative tool.

Our client software helps your sales teams in the daily follow-up of their prospects, customer interactions, opportunities, sales and sales actions. With just a few clicks, your organization will be able to develop a unique database by centralizing all your contacts and communications. Each user can save precious time in data entry, research and validation, and thus concentrate on customer relations.

Our custom CRM tool is especially designed to meet the specifics of your CRM specifications and optimize the customer experience.

Simplify your business management with our API

Do your needs depend on specific development with the Visual Planning API? Discover how our scheduling software can fully meet your business needs with the implementation of specific development thanks to our API. Our customized solutions, designed by our teams, ensure complete management of your activities, while taking advantage of the functionalities specific to your sector, all from a single point of contact.

Thanks to REST and SOAP API formats, you can customize your interfaces, automate functions, create webviews or interface between your other software, so that your software perfectly matches your needs.

Explore our sample integrations to discover how our customers have optimized their business processes. Whether you’re looking to centralize heavy production, simplify business planning or streamline sales operations by enabling your tools to communicate, our APIs offer tailor-made solutions for every use case!



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