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With Visual Planning’s Employee Scheduling Software, you can enhance skills management, efficiently manage schedules, and optimize your team’s workload.

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Human resources management is one of the key topics that companies face. Due to the numerous employment law, skills management, … Human resources manager and team manager need a software who can regroup every regulation, employee’s data (skills, contract, …), … without lagging to increase your employee’s satisfaction.

To address this need, Visual Planning offers a suite of features specifically designed for staff management, time tracking, and task scheduling. Whether you’re an HR manager or an operations manager, you’ll benefit from comprehensive overviews of your history, tasks, skills and certifications, and the ability to track leaves and absences. Our software integrates complex administrative processes to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee Scheduling Software, also known as Human Resources Management (HRM) software, simplifies every task related to HR management. This software benefits all employees by saving time and reducing errors through process integration and data centralization.

For example, if an HR manager or team leader needs to schedule a task or an annual assessment interview, they can easily access all relevant information, such as employee skills, professional history, leave balance, and various time reports (e.g., working hours, overtime). Employees can also view this information along with their salary details and training program information.

Additionally, the software provides both micro and macro views of team performance, allowing for personalized schedules and workload adjustments to enhance efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

An effective employee scheduling and time tracking tool should be adaptable, user-friendly, and provide real-time access to information according to the company’s policies and objectives.

Facilitate Team Evolution Within Your Company


A comprehensive scheduling software should enable you to track each employee’s progression, document their skills, monitor certifications, and schedule training plans, among other functions. Access to your team’s history allows HR managers to analyze top performers, ensure they maintain their performance standards, and simplify annual assessment interviews.

Maintain Oversight of Your Resources’ Tasks


Gain a holistic view of your staff while maintaining detailed records for each employee, including hours worked, skills, seniority, experience, and training history. Define various rules based on their employment contracts (permanent, fixed-term, etc.) and availability. Additionally, incorporate time tracking and financial processes, such as recording working hours, remote work, and expense claims, into the system.

Efficiently Schedule Tasks to Anticipate Recruitment Needs


By integrating time tracking, expense reports, performance reports, absence validation workflows, and other company processes into your employee scheduling software, you gain a clear and simplified overview of your company’s situation. With access to comprehensive information, you can assess various aspects, from project statuses (increase or decrease) to their impact on teams (workload or overwork), allowing you to adapt your scheduling strategy accordingly.

Share Administrative Documents with Your Employee Scheduling Software Mobile App

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Choosing Visual Planning’s employee scheduling software means gaining access to our mobile app, VPGo, and our web app, VPPortal. These tools facilitate real-time information sharing, ensuring seamless communication and access to necessary data.


How it works?

Visual Planning teams follow distinct stages to create your personalized employee scheduling software. Explore them below:

1) Requirement Analysis

Gather and analyze the specific needs and objectives of your project to ensure the software meets all requirements.

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During the contact and sales process, you’ll work with one of our sales representatives to list your needs. Each requirement will be matched with corresponding features in our software. The bill of specification will also include a due date, training time, and other relevant details.

2) Design and Configuration

Create a customized design and develop the software based on the identified requirements and chosen human resources management methods.

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Armed with the bill of specification from the previous stage, one of our consultants will have all the necessary information to configure your employee scheduling software. Whether your project requires standard features or specific development, everything will be handled seamlessly through a single point of contact and tested under real-life conditions.

3) Testing and Validation

Conduct thorough testing to ensure the software functions correctly and meets all specified criteria.

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Every scheduling software relies on human resources data. This includes employee skills, certifications, administrative documents (such as medical prescriptions and employment contracts), training program details, and performance KPIs.

4) Implementation

Deploy your employee scheduling software and integrate it with existing systems, providing training and support to ensure smooth adoption.

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Following data integration and feature configuration, your employee scheduling software will provide comprehensive information for managing your teams and their schedules. For instance, when planning activities, a filtering system will highlight the availability of your human resources, those with corresponding skills, those on leave or absent, and more.

5) Evaluation and Improvement

Continuously monitor the software’s performance, gather user feedback, and make necessary improvements to enhance its functionality and efficiency.

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Your software can evolve alongside your business needs, whether due to job or employee increases. Simply contact your account representative to schedule a meeting and discuss expanding features, increasing license numbers, or even integrating with other software like payroll management systems. Additionally, you can request specific developments tailored to your unique requirements.

Employee Scheduling Software

Streamline your human resources management processes with Visual Planning’s Scheduling Software features. Process integration simplifies and standardizes information shared among software users. Discover below how our software can enhance your processes!

Personalized Employee Scheduling Software

Visual Planning’s employee scheduling software empowers HR managers and team leaders to create customized views tailored to each employee. These personalized views, combined with customized resource information, enhance scheduling efficiency by highlighting individual skills, workload, availability, and more.

Centralized HR Management Processes

Integrating all HR management processes saves time, reduces errors, and streamlines document transmission. With data centralized in your scheduling software, authorized document data is readily accessible. This simplifies document transmission from your team, whether it’s for absences, vacations, medical proofs, and more. Moreover, it fosters improved communication between you and your team members.

Avec les vues personnalisées, observez l'ensemble de vos KPIs RH.
Visualisez les compétences de chacune des ressources intégrées à votre logiciel de gestion RH.

Skills Management in Your Employee Scheduling Software

During the configuration stage, various features such as an organizational chart with photographs, department schedule management, and skill tracking will be implemented. These features enable schedulers to organize company schedules effectively. With this, schedulers can identify training needs, manage hiring processes, schedule activities, and more.

Integrating skills management processes provides an overview of available skills within your company and their availability for daily tasks, thereby reducing errors.

Tracking Company Evolution and Its Impact on Teams

Business growth often entails hiring and onboarding, bringing in new skills and growth opportunities. With the features available in your software, you can better manage this growth, allocate workload among resources, set overwork threshold alerts in workload plans, generate personalized reports on time tracking, identify recruitment needs, and more.

    Grâce au plan de charge RH, visualisez l'impact de votre activité sur chacune de vos ressources.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Best Employee Scheduling Software?

    Choosing the right Human Resource scheduling software involves defining your specific needs:

    • Which features are essential, and which ones are non-essential?
    • How many users will be using the software?
    • How many processes do you want to integrate?
    • Do you require integration with other software?

    Answering these questions will help identify the strategic requirements for your next HR scheduling software. Additionally, some needs may eliminate certain scheduling software options for various reasons. Many of our users have selected our software for its powerful and customizable features, seeking a solution capable of recording diverse data, providing real-time access, and automating HR processes.

    Who Benefits from Employee Scheduling Tools?

    Regardless of your company’s size, whether small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) or corporations, implementing an employee scheduling software is essential. From an internal perspective, every employee within your company stands to benefit from this tool.

    When examining the benefits for employees, they gain the ability to share various types of information with their managers—such as medical proofs, skills, training programs, and attendance—thanks to seamless process integration. For HR managers or team leaders, access to each employee’s shared data is invaluable, ranging from their skills (including abilities, languages spoken, and experience) to their availability (workload, vacation, sick leave), as well as their performance reports. Additionally, personalized schedules can be created within the software for external meetings, such as those with training program supervisors.

    Can Visual Planning Employee Scheduling Software Be Integrated with Other Software?

    Yes, Visual Planning’s employee scheduling software can be seamlessly integrated with other software such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or HRIS (Human Resources Information System). Through a specific development system, all your software systems can communicate and share strategic information effectively, utilizing the latest technologies available in the market.

    The objective of this integration is to enhance strategic decision-making, facilitate information sharing, and streamline task scheduling processes. For instance, some of our clients have successfully integrated our scheduling software with their HRIS to enable communication with their payroll software, accounting software, and more.


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