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It’s all about being a Resource. Learn how Visual Planning can help develop and maintain thriving employee life cycles.


Succeful Human Resource Management involves

Your employees are your company’s primary asset, but planning and forecasting needs for additional staff is not always simple.

As your team grows, organizing work, managing skills, trainings and certifications, while also tracking leaves and absences can be difficult. It can also generate complex administrative processes that hinders your best employees’ creativity and productivity. This is where employee scheduling software from Visual Planning can help.


Getting an overview of your staff as a whole while keeping detailed records for each employee (hours, skills, seniority, experiences, training history, etc.)


Quickly identifying your best-performing elements, and making sure they stay on track (performance tracking, training & skills management)


Making time tracking, expense reports, absence validation workflows, and other company processes clear and simple for everyone

Benefits of employee scheduling software from Visual Planning

An employee scheduling and time tracking tool needs to be adaptable and easy to use, and enable staff and managers to access the information they need in real time according to the company’s policies and objectives.


Manage shift changes, absences, trainings and certifications with a simple drag and drop interface.

Transform the way you interact with your staff with Visual Planning, an innovative, easy-to-use tool that can free you from time-consuming spreedshet updates and enable you to manage your teams with complete flexibility.

Key features of Visual Planning for employee scheduling and time tracking


View staff availability at a glance

Systematically track time off and absences

Build, maintain and develop your HR database with fully customizable employee profiles

Manage skills and competencies: training schedule, certifications, authorizations

Manage annual performance reviews, contracts renewals, new hires onboarding, HR rules, etc.

Control how much information users can see and/or modify

Anticipate any change in the work load and plan staff capacity accordingly

Generate ad-hoc reports and create your own key performance indicators (KPIs)


Define and communicate the tasks to be carried out by all team members

Create a custom schedule adapted to your working hours

Track work assignments progress and completion

Fill in your time sheet and calculate overtime

Share schedules instantly through e-mail, SMS, RSS feeds and calendaring application integration

Update your schedules remotely on smartphones or tablets using the VP Portal module


Improve business productivity through scheduling

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Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. Find out more about all Visual Planning features hereor read our case studies to understand how we are helping many companies to leverage their inner strengths.


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