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Stilog is a global software editing company based in France. Created in 1991, Stilog IST develops innovative solutions, using the most recent technologies available. We acquired expertise through the development of time-saving applications for the largest international organizations. This expertise is today reflected in the realization of tailor-made IT projects and in the development of Visual Planning, a collaborative scheduling platform for all kinds of businesses.

20 years after the company was created, Chistophe Poirmeur and François Berthelot, founders of Stilog IST, are still running the business with the same core values that have brought them success: independence, innovation, quality and responsiveness.



Visual Planning has now gathered more than 5,000 customers around the world and a 100,000+ user community. A dedicated team of consultants helps on each implementation to ensure that the system's capabilities are used at their best. At the same time, our first-of-class customized development services are praised by major global firms in the most demanding industries, from aeronautics to energy.  In order to support our growth in North America, Stilog, Inc. was created in 2013.


In addition to our headquarters in France, these new offices located in Hoboken, NJ confirm our constant strive to provide our customer base with excellent service and support.

The ease of use and agility of Visual Planning illustrate our main goal: to offer immediate productivity gains as well as a reliable stream of information to the many businesses around the world thanks to comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly solutions.



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Stilog Inc.
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