This is the refresh process for all the data of VISUAL PLANNING according to any changes made ​​by other users.

This refresh makes sense only for version ENTERPRISE or ESSENTIAL.

This applies only to the data. This refresh does not works for:

  • Display settings,favorites displays, views…
  • Structural components: dimensions, headings, forms…


In VISUAL PLANNING, changes data are stored in the database when modifying.

So there is never need to save the changes.

A modification of an event or resource is saved to the database when validating the change.

A user sees its modifications in real-time.

However, it does not see changes made by other users in real-time. This is why the refresh of data exists.

This refresh can be manual and/or automatic.

Manual refresh

The quick access toolbar include the button .

Use this button to refresh the display based on any changes made ​​by other users.

Another possibility to refresh the display is the F5 button on the keyboard.

Automatic refresh

It is possible for a user to choose the delay of refreshing of his workstation.

This delay of refreshing is also defined in the quick access toolbar.

This time is set by default to 15 minutes.

If there are many users, it is not advisable to choose a too short delay because it might burden the server.

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