The sort function allows to order the elements of a table of resources or events into a certain organization.

It is mainly the resources into a schedule view or a resources view, but also events in the case of an events view.


Sort the resources in a table mode

In a schedule view, a resources view (table mode) or an events view, sort a persistant heading is displayed via the symbol which represents a sorting in the heading.

This Sort is an alphabetical sorting for a text heading and a numerical sort for a numerical heading.
For a single choice list, the sort order will follow the order of the definition of the values. (cf. Sorting of elements of a list).

The opposite symbol represents an anti-alphabetical sort for a text heading or a decreasing sort for a numerical heading.

So, all the persistent headings, the calendars and the creation rules can be sorted.

Notice that the headings order is very important for the sorting result.

To sort:

  • Right-Click on the header of a heading > Sort.
  • Double-Click on the right part of the header of a heading.


A sort type can be registered into a favorite display.

Sorting of elements of a list

When the heading is a single or multiple choice type, when defining the calendars or defining the settings of VISUAL PLANNING, it is possible to do a manual sort of the elements of the list via the following blue arrows:


It is sometimes possible to automatically sort the elements of a list via the Sort button.

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