Favorite display


A favorite display is a “snapshot” of the main window of VISUAL PLANNING.

It is generally associated to a usage scenario of the tool.

This is one of the most important features for end users of VISUAL PLANNING.

Thanks to favorites displays, users quickly find their favorite dashboard.

A favorite display consists mainly of Views.

These are duplicates of existing views.

A favorite display stores:

  • The views that are used with their location and characteristics,
  • The filters that are applied.

cf. view

To optimize communication between employees on the tool, it is advisable to provide to the users a library of public favorite displays, each corresponding to a need of the planning.

It is also possible to allow users to create their own private favorite displays.


Create a favorite display

To create a favorite display, Display tab > Favorite displays > button

The following window appears:

Then, fill in the following characteristics:


Give a Name to this favorite display.


Associate this favorite display with a Category if needed.

If the category exists, select it. If not, type the name of the new category.

This option is available only if it is a public favorite display.


Specify if it is public or private.

If the box is unchecked, the favorite display will be a public one and will be visible by everyone, if they have the rights to see it in the permissions.

Start display

This box, if checked, allows to directly launch this favorite display when opening the planner.

If this box is checked for two or more favorite displays, the first of the list will be launched.


Give a Description to the favorite display. It is optional.

Then, confirm the creation by clicking on the OK button.

Another way is to use the following keyboard shortcut:

  • Ctrl + Shift + S : Save a new favorite display

Save a favorite display

To save a Favorite display, Display tab > Favorite displays > vp5_symbole_disquette.jpg button.

Another way is to use the following keyboard shortcut:

  • Ctrl + S : Save the current favorite display

Select a favorite display

To select a Favorite display, Display Menu > Favorite display > button.

Then, select the name of the requested Favorite display:

Delete a favorite display

To delete a Favorite display, Display Menu> Favorite displays > vp5_symbole_suppression.jpg button.

A confirmation window appears:

Click on Yes button to definitely delete the favorite display.

Deleting a favorite display is irreversible.

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