Resources Input Editor


The Resources Input Editor allows to create or modify the resources of the dimensions in fonction of an adapted and customized format.


The setting access is restricted to users identified as « administrators ».

The way to define a user as an administrator is done in the ADMIN CENTER, menu Planning > Right-Click on the planning > Modify > Administrators users (c.f. Definition of administrators).

Défault Modèle

Several defaults resources models exist. There is one per dimension.

This model is used, if no other model exists or if no model corresponds to the selected resource.

To view this model, you must go to the General Settings panel >Input Editors > resources Editors > Default

The bottom panel opens:

The only possible setting for this model is the checkbox Always available allowing if unchecked to hide the existence of this model when a model is compatible with the selection of events.

It is advisable not to check this box when testing the application.

it is possible to access the menu of input editors by the panel General Settings> Publishers entry or by setting menu configuration block> Publishers saisiz Right click on Resources Input Editor > Add a new Input Editor for > Select the dimension:

The following window opens:

It is necessary to specify the following features, then click Ok to save the settings of the Resources Input Editor.

It is also possible to create an Resources Input Editor by Settings > Configuration block (Menu Bar)

This features are:


The text field Name must be filled. It gives a name to the Resources Input Editor.


The text field Description is optional. It gives a description of the Resources Input Editor.


It is the date and the hour of the last modification of the editor of events. It shows also the login of the user who has done the last modification.

This feature is modified automatically.


This checkbox determine if the Resources Input Editor is activated or not.

It is necessary to leave this box unchecked if we want to unable the Resources Input Editor temporally.

Filtre de ressources

The list 'Selected Dimension' Filter allows to filter the resources of the selected dimension when the Resources Input Editor has been created.

(cf. Resources filter)


To acces to the editor and set the settings, click on the right part of the line Editor:


The acces to the Events Input Editor is done by an empty window. It is necessary to choose the values that the user should fill or simply see every time he modifies a resource.

Input values

Heading's values

This are the most common values on the creation of an Resources Input Editor. The possible values are the headings of the dimension related to the resource.

Visual Values

Add a label

It is possible to write a text that appears whenever you open the edit window of event where it was placed.

Resources list

This list gives the possibility to show the whole resources (from one or several dimensions) related to the selected resource.

List of children events

This feature allows a portion of the edit window reserved for an event view of the children events from the selected event.

It is showed only the children events of the first lower hierarchi level

Context Menu

It is also possible to add components with a context menu (right click), the position of the mouse cursor set the upper left corner of the added component. component

when choosing the components of the event properties or items to add to the entry editor, there is a possibility to select multiple items in one fell swoop by clicking select attributes

By clicking Select attributes, the following window opens:


It is possible to align with one click all the values ​​added. Once they have been selected it is possible to make alignments following:

  • Left alignment: The fields are placed at the same height as that is the leftmost.
  • Top alignment: The fields are placed at the same height as that is the topmost.
  • Right alignment: The fields are placed at the same height as that which is most right.
  • Bottom alignment: Fields are placed at the same height as that is the most down.

selection of several heading

it is possible to select multiple heading, with selecting the first and last fields with pressing shifrt


it is possible to print one or more resources following an input editor model, Once they have been selected right clickPrint

Select Print, Preview or PDF as needed, the following window opens:

At the bottom of the window in the Print field according to the editor, choose the desired editor.

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