Sending an email via SMTP server


Sending mails from VISUAL PLANNING is possible via an existing SMTP server.

This feature is an additional module, delivered as a free tool with VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE.

The main functional advantage is in the case of manual sending several emails simultaneously.

This prevents the opening of many mailing software windows.

The use of an SMTP server also enables the automatic emails send.


This feature is a module, it is only available with the following version: VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE.

It is essential that the SMTP server is accessible from the server VISUAL PLANNING.


SMTP server

The settings of the SMTP server is done in the ADMIN CENTER.

Click the button Modules:

Then, Right click on Mail> Modify

The following window opens:

Click Parameters.

The following window comes up:

Then, set the SMTP server settings:

  • SMTP.password : the password of the SMTP account,
  • SMTP.server : the name of the SMTP server,
  • SMTP.user : the name of the SMTP account, it can be an email address,
  • SMTP.port : the SMTP port.


It is necessary to define the sender e-mail address.

The sender is the user of VISUAL PLANNING.

From ADMIN CENTER, click Users

Right click on the user> Modify.

The following windows opens:

Fill the field E-mail, click Ok.


For each schedule and for each dimension using the module sending e-mail, it is necessary to create:

  • One or more text headings that contain the e-mail addresses of the recipients.

Marking the email sent

However, for a good use, it is useful to create:

This heading can store the date, the hour of the last email send from each resource and the login of the sender.


Using the SMTP server is transparent on the schedule.

The mailing softwoare does not open when a mail has been sent.


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