This document is the reference manual of the SMS module for VISUAL PLANNING.

To be able to understand this chapter, you should have a good knowledge on VISUAL PLANNING. If necessary, refer to Use chapter.

The SMS module is a paying option. If this module is not subscribed, the corresponding menus will not be displayed in VISUAL PLANNING.


The SMS module is an additional feature allowing SMS sending from VISUAL PLANNING to all kind of phone numbers which accept the SMS format (nationals or internationals).

It consists of:

  • Settings of the SMS sending server
  • Settings interface in VISUAL PLANNING (structure settings of the SMS and the sending rules)
  • Triggering from the contextual menu of events in VISUAL PLANNING.


Technical requirements

The SMS module has been developed and validated for the VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE version.

To configure this module, you will need:

  • An internet connection
  • A contract with one of our partners:

In order to use the “MAIL to SMS” feature (as described in Case 2 below), it is required to set up an SMTP server beforehand.

For any other providers of the MAIL TO SMS services, please contact our hotline

Functional requirements

This module needs a Text heading with the phone number of the recipients.

To optimise the use, we advise to use a Text heading or a Multiple-line text heading in a form named VPSMS.

For each SMS sent from an event, the sending date and the sender login is saved in this heading.


The installation of this module requires a license number.

To obtain the license number for the SMS module, contact the sales department :

  • By phone: +33 (0) 1 47 29 99 69
  • Or by e-mail:

The module must be installed :

  • From ADMIN CENTER, menu Modules,
  • and Right click on SMS > register licence



After its installation, this module behaves like the VISUAL PLANNING standard licences.

  • You have to assign the license to the user logins who use it.

cf. Licences management


Only the administrator is allowed to set-up this module.

The user setting up as an administrator of this module is done in the ADMIN CENTER, menu Modules > Right Click on SMS > Modify> Administrators

cf. Management of administrators


The settings need two actions :

  • Set-up the SMS sending server in the ADMIN CENTER interface
  • Set-up the SMS sending contexts in the VISUAL PLANNING interface

Definition of the SMS sending server

In the ADMIN CENTER interface, click on Modules :

Then in the modules list, Right Click on SMS > Modify

Then click on Properties

You have to fill out the parameters of the SMS sending server.

Two technologies can be used :

  • Direct sending (available only with our partner : ESENDEX)
  • Mail to SMS (available with both partners, ESENDEX and BULKSMS)

Case 1 : Direct sending with ESENDEX

You have to fill out the following parameters :


This is the ESENDEX account number.


This is the password of the ESENDEX account.


This is the login of the ESENDEX account.


This is the choice of the technology to use. The value is ESENDEX.

Others parameters

All other parameters must be blank.

Case 2 : Mail to SMS

The documentation of this feature is reachable on-line for each provider :

You have to fill out the following parameters :


This is the domain name of the mail to SMS. It depends on the provider :

  • ESENDEX : the value is
  • BULKSMS : the value is

This is the email of the provider account (ESENDEX or BULKSMS) which is used to convert the mail to SMS.


This is the object of the email which is converted to SMS.

According to the supplier and the security level, this subject can or not appear in the SMS as prefix.


This is the choice of the technology to use. The value is MAILSMS.

Others parameters

All other parameters must be blank.

Definition of the SMS sending context

It is necessary to define at least one template of SMS sending.

For that, go in the menu Settings > Configuration > VPSms

If this menu is not displayed or greyed, please verify that :

  • The module is properly installed
  • The module meets the requirements
  • The user is defined as an administrator of the planner

It is possible to define so much templates as it is necessary.

The editor appears and to create a new template, you can right click on the VPSms template> Create VPSms template

The right panel is activated :

It is necessary to define the characteristics of the template:


It is the name of the template.


It is the optional description of this template.


It is the date, time of the last modification and the user login who has done this modification.

This property is automatically updated.


It is a free text field which contents the body of the message.

It is possible to include in this text one or several entities of the planner (headings and event values).

Event filter

It is the event filter which determines the possibility or not to use the template to send SMS from a selected event(cf. Use). Only the events matching with this filter can use this template.

More than 160 characters

To check this box allows splitting the SMS every 160 characters.

Marked the sending

To check this box allows saving the date, time, and user login of the user who sent the SMS from an event. The sending is marked in a form heading named VPSMS within the event. If this heading does not exist, the information is saved in the event note.


It is a text heading which contains the phone number of the recipient:

  • The number can contain the following characters : space, point (.), plus (+) or minus (-)
  • For example in France, the number must start by 06 or by an indicative (0041 or +33)


The module runs by Right click on one or several events > Send SMS.

If several SMS templates can be used for the selected event(s), the user can select the chosen template among a list.

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