This page is a reference page. It includes a description of the installation and features of the VISUAL PLANNING VPPORTAL for VISUAL PLANNING.

Reading some chapters of this document assumes that you already have a good knowledge on VISUAL PLANNING software:

Directly report, if necessary, to the user's manual or the administrator's manual.

This module is optional. If this option is not purchased, matching menus will not appear in VISUAL PLANNING 5.1.


The VPPORTAL module is integrated as a complementary feature allowing to view and modify information on planners from a mobile phone.

It is made of two parts:

  • One part dedicated to settings (display context, informations displayed on the mobile phone,…)
  • A second part dedicated to connection (The URL to be entered in the browser)


The VPPORTAL module has been developed and validated for VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE 5.2.

This module needs to use a computer terminal (PC, Apple Mac, Tablet, …) or a mobile terminal (GSM phone, PDA, Netbook,…) connected to internet, and an internet browser compatible with xhtml.

Browsers on which the module was tested and validated are : INTERNET EXPLORER, FIREFOX, OPERA, OPERA MINI.

Operating systems on which the module was tested and validated are :

  • IE6, IE7, IE8 et IE9 , FIREFOX 3.6 and +, GOOGLE CHROME (all versions), SAFARI 5.0 and + and OPERA (all versions),
  • IOS5 for IPHONE/IPAD and Android's default browser 2.2, 2.3 and 4.0.

This module requires a VISUAL PLANNING installation with an access from the outside (public IP).

cf. Requirements of VPPORTAL


The installation of this module requires a license number.

To obtain a license number for the VPPORTAL module, please contact Sales departement:

The module must be installed :

  • from the ADMIN CENTER application, menu Modules,
  • and a Right-click on VPPORTAL > Register license

After registering the license, you must define the administrators of VPPORTAL:

  • from ADMIN CENTER, menu Modules
  • By a Right click on VPPORTAL> Modify > Administrators (cf. Administrators)



Once installed, VPPORTAL behaves as licensing VISUAL PLANNING.

  • The users who will use VPPORTAL must be associated to the VPPORTAL license.
  • The informations that are visible and modifiable by the users of VPPORTAL are sensitive to: the users rights defined in ADMIN CENTER

For more informations on the rights, please refer to ADMIN CENTER

It is also possible to define the users of the VPPORTAL module in a dimension of the planner. cf. Settings.


The access to the settings of the VPPORTAL module is restricted to users identified as « administrators ».

The way to define a user as an administrator of VPPORTAL is done in the ADMIN CENTER, menu Modules > Right-Click on VPPORTAL > Modify > Administrators.

The « administrators » of the planner have the access to the settings of VPPORTAL.

cf. Definition of administrators


Four types of models are available on VPPORTAL and each one is linked to a dimension.

  • Agenda model
  • Planner model
  • Event list model
  • Resources list model

cf. Settings of VPPORTAL module


VPPORTAL models can be viewed:

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