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Our resource scheduling software is the perfect solution for your business.

Through Visual Planning, our first aim is to help you drive your company’s efficiency with limited resources and the same amount of time.


Here are some examples of what implementing the favorite scheduling solution in the market can do for you:

Nobody ever knows who is scheduled to do what



Visual Planning provides you with the same real-time scheduling information for everybody in your company. Therefore you can update collaboratively, in and outside the office, even on mobile devices.

We are losing money over double booking and extra hours


Visual Planning can tell you whenever an employee, a piece of equipment, a room or any other type of resource is already booked. It also show you which one is the most available in a time period to avoid extra hours.


We have no idea what the incoming workload is



Visual Planning software can provide you with a visual representation of your workload at any time with preset warning thresholds.


We have limited resources and need to make the most out of it


Visual Planning provides you with an immediate visualization of your capacity and of unoccupied resources, so that you can make the right decision and streamline your company’s resource utilizations.


Scheduling is taking all my time



The right time planning software should be efficient and easy. Thanks to collaboration and drag and drop, Visual Planning users experienced an average 20% time-saving in their daily scheduling tasks.

That master schedule spreadsheet has 5000 lines (and nobody bothers to read it)



Leverage a visual interface with colors and icons, which can be customized by each user. See exactly what you need at a glance, and receive e-mail alerts for important items.

I need to account for the needs of various groups in my company with a single system and solutions in the market are not very flexible



Visual Planning is entirely configurable, from labels and data structure to business rules, interfaces, filtering, reporting options, and user rights. In short, a single Visual Planning software installation can hold multiple planners with real-time information-sharing between those, which make it easy to have multiple departments collaborating on the system.

I have no experience in configuring software (and no time to do it!)


It can all be handled by our configuration experts – they guide you through the process of gathering your requirements, configure Visual Planning for you and finally train you and your team on how to make the most out of the system.

I already have a system in place and do not want to do any double entry


Visual Planning offers powerful integration capabilities, from direct integration with My SQL, SQL Server and Oracle databases to standard data sharing through Excel or CSV files.

I do not have in-house it, nor a server

Visual Planning application mobile


Visual Planning is also available through monthly subscriptions in the cloud, in which case all maintenance operations are handled by us.

Still not sure how Visual Planning can help? Find out more about the specific issues that Visual Planning can solve for you if you are looking for construction scheduling softwareField Service Management or need to track employee time and schedules, plan projects , or improve your customer relationship management.

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Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

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