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The following functionalities are proposed on all Visual Planning software solutions.

Visual Planning allows you to manage and optimize the scheduling processes of your resources in various fields such as: project management, worksite follow-up, intervention follow-up (after-sales service, etc.), human resources management, production management, CRM, fleet management, and much more…


Master scheduling,
Crush deadlines.

Schedule views allow you to visualize instantly all past and upcoming work, tasks, projects, or events on a timeline. Use Visual Planning software and intuitive interface to make edits through a simple drag and drop, and reorganize work to ensure objectives are met on time. Replace spreadsheets, whiteboards and shared calendars: all details are here, updated in real time, available for everybody.

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Make your mark

Create custom fields, forms and displays that put the most important data in front of your team. Get an application that works in line with your specific goals, not against them.  No matter the company size, this flexible solution will aid in efficient planning. Visual Planning is the most customizable scheduling software on the market. We truly mean it.


Know what’s going on

Keep track of statuses and let team members move jobs and projects forward on a Kanban-like board as you go.

Get an overview of what is planned and what has been completed. Never spend two hours in a status meeting again.

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    Customizable management rules

    Limitations, Workflows…

    Through creation rules, constraints, workflows, etc. you can define your business rules for each category of tasks and resources.


    • Avoid double bookings, oversights, errors, etc.
    • Have total control over the management of your resources.


    Assign work seamlessly


    Find out who is the best suited to perform a task at a glance. Visual Planning software provides you information on availability, skills, location, and more. Allocate a team member, and book other resources such as rooms or equipment if needed. Get notified for double bookings and errors.



    Make processes flow

    Build enterprise-grade rules and templates so that adding complex jobs to the workload feels like a breeze. Identify and resolve conflicts. Implement validation processes that keep managers in the loop. Create groups of users and customize access rights to keep sensitive data secure.


    Update from anywhere


    Outside of the office?  There is no need for various pieces of equipment. Access and edit all information in VP Portal, our web-based application, or VPGo, our Visual Planning mobile app. Provide a streamlined experience for remote team members and get immediate reporting from the field. VPGo is available in offline mode, so that no environment is out of reach.

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    Dashboard reports monitoring


    Track, control and report


    Workloads allow you to see who’s busy, when, and get an outlook on the amount of work ahead across all projects or jobs. Find and address future peaks and bottlenecks to increase efficiency and prevent fires before they start. Generate real time reports and create dashboards to summarize performance, cost and delays at a glance. Set visual cues for critical thresholds and statuses.

      Centralize, organize, and share

      Real-time broadcasting and collaboration


      Centralize, organize, and then share all your operational data with your teams. Save time, eliminate errors, simplify task planning, and make time entry easier.


      • Permission management allows you to present only useful information to everyone!
      • Many distribution functionalities are available: Pdf, email, sms, rss, iCal (calendar synchronization).
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      integration applications


      Connect to everyday essentials and enterprise applications


      Visual Planning software ties in with office tools (Ms Excel, Word, Outlook) and document storage (Dropbox, One Drive) seamlessly. The built-in import/export features allow for an easy data exchange with your key business applications (ERP, CRM, CMMS…) to avoid double entries and automate updates between systems. Our REST and SOAP API enable for an even deeper integration across the company with ease.

      And much more …


      Geolocate and track your resources from maps and manage your assignments based on distance criteria.

      Schedule tasks according to the fastest routes.


      Use your plans and drawings to create your schedules!


      Store your document frames and launch the mailing from Visual Planning!

      Save your documents in the cloud: connect Visual Planning on :


      Google Drive,

      OneDrive !

      Agenda synchronization

      Visual Planning directly links schedules to personal agendas from Microsoft 365 and Google.

      Editor customization

      The name of this feature indicates its interest. It allows you to customize the editing windows of events and resources.

      Above all, it gives you the opportunity to customize your schedules even more!


      From single user installs to cloud-based deployment and enterprise-grade solutions, we have the package that is right for your business.

      Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

      Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

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