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We are very proud to announce that the new release of Visual Planning, Visual Planning 7, is now available.

Our development team has worked hard to give you a greater user experience, while implementing brand new features:

  • Widget system, allowing you to build custom Dashboards in Visual Planning and VPPortal
  • New VPBlueprint module, to use custom plans and self-made maps while showing and editing resources in a user-friendly way (also available in VPPortal)
  • Even more features in VPPortal, with combined views, drag and drop and Kanban boards
  • An improved UI to provide users with greater readability, responsiveness and simplified displays
  • And many new customization options, administration features, API functions and integrations.

We hope that you will enjoy this new version of Visual Planning.

Here is a sneak peek at what we have prepared for you:

Widgets & Dashboard: get a glance at what’s going on


Summarize meaningful data and shortcuts to your Visual Planning essentials in Widgets and arrange them on a Dashboard that can serve as a welcome screen or a side menu.

Everything you need is here, so you can focus on the day ahead. In Dashboards, Widgets behave like tiles and can be customized to show lists of events or resources, reports, workloads, or calculated KPIs, as well as serve as shortcut buttons to a favorite display.

Widgets and Dashboards can also be added as a tab to VPPortal, for users who need web-based access.

Introducing VPBlueprint


Our new module, VPBlueprint, provides you with an entirely new perspective on your data.

  • Store and map out your own drawn plans, maps, or technical drawings to pinpoint and visualize where a task needs to be performed, what location is booked for your project or what part of the machine needs fixing.
  • Create events directly by dragging and dropping resources on your blueprint image. Blueprints can also be added to VPPortal, our web-based app and VPGO, our mobile app, allowing users to access those maps and plans from anywhere outside the office.

Schedule, organize, optimize everything online with our expanded VPPortal 7


A large amount of features have been added to VPPortal, the online, web-based version of Visual Planning, enabling most scheduling and planning tasks to be performed in a light browser environment with no installation required on desktop.

With customizable combined views, drag and drop scheduling, Kanban boards, improved options for parent and child events, advanced editors, as well as the brand-new Dashboard and Blueprints, VPPortal is the most efficient and well-rounded online tool for all planning and scheduling tasks.

The main color scheme can now be customized as well, to align it with company branding in case of external access for customers or business partners.

VPGO 7: interact with your environment like never before


In VPGO, the mobile app for Visual Planning, we are making extended use of your device’s features and data to improve work process and let mobile team members do things faster.

In the new VPGO 7 app, you can now scan a barcode to retrieve an item, machine, or project. Enable new geotagging options to fill in the phone’s location automatically, as well as view, create and edit parent and child events easily. Blueprints are also Enabled!

Download the new VPGO7 now from the App Store and Google Play store.

New year, fresh looks


All three applications have been reworked and enhanced to simplify, declutter, and improve readability. From zoom options to clearer menus, new buttons, smarter layouts, dynamic responsiveness in VPPortal, and more – we strive to bring you a platform where you can handle complex things in a beautiful, simple yet efficient environment.

And also…

  • In-view edition of resources
  • Save searches for later
  • New calculation & concatenate options
  • Cascading logic for drop down lists
  • Create users and groups from the API
  • Connect files to OneDrive
  • Extended security settings.


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