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Connect Visual Planning with your softwares,
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Integrate data and processes for better productivity

Scheduling is part of a very large system. Integrated IT solutions reduce the burden on end users and make information more reliable.

Our REST and SOAP Developer APIs allow a seamless integration with your own applications, developed in-house or by third parties (see our full documentation).

Create ad hoc solutions for everyday problems

Automate functions and develop new features to solve critical business problems. This way, you get the most out of Visual Planning with no extra effort.

You can also use external triggers to create or modify a resource or a schedule.

How can I use the API?

First of all, to start using the API, you will need to obtain an API key. API keys can be easily generated if you are an existing Visual Planning Cloud or Visual Planning Enterprise user and also have access to the administration center. By the way, the introduction chapter of our API documentation explains in detail how to generate the key.

Otherwise, if you are not yet a Visual Planning user, the best way is to contact us.

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Is there a cost associated with the Visual Planning API?


No. Currently, the Visual Planning API is completely free and only requires a subscription or a valid Visual Planning Cloud license.

Will Visual Planning integrate with my application / software?


In fact you can find a list of modules and integrations compatible with Visual Planning here :

Office tools
Solutions/ERP and CRM
Other applications

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Where can I find a example of an API code?


Our online API documentation includes a sample of code for all applications. To get started, you can download an example of a scheduler and a source code in Java by clicking on this link.

How can I get support on the API?


For assistance, you can first create a ticket on HotTicket, our online ticketing system, or email us at

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From single user installs to cloud-based deployment and enteprise-grade solutions, we have the package that is right for your business.

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