On Visual Planning

In order to help you make the most out of Visual Planning, our consultant team provides a array of tutoring curriculums adapted to your needs based on your user profile.

A dedicated team of consultants helps on each implementation to ensure that the system’s capabilities are used at their best.

The scope of each session is customizable and is defined before with you. There are two main types of training courses we provide:



For team members connecting and manipulating the schedules on a daily basis. The training is application-specific: examples and practice cases are based on the final application they will use, and the trainer explain how to efficiently resolve situations they might encounter in their daily work.

This involves:


  • A general presentation of the various screens and workspaces
  • Input and manipulation of the scheduling data
  • Teaching on the possible scenario of utilization according to the users’ job
  • Useful features such as search, filtering, printing, and reports
  • Specific features and modules that you requested: e-mail alerts, generating documents through mail merge, geolocation, mobile application…
training visual2



For IT teams and application administrators, this in-depth functional and administrative training allows you to gain comprehensive skills on Visual Planning inner functioning and configuration. By choosing this type of training, you will be able to configure the application on your own and perform configuration changes on your own.

At the end of the training, you will be completely independent in deploying a new application from Visual Planning.


  • Customization of the schedule structure, filters, constraints
  • Configuration and management of user rights, licenses and modules
  • Configuration and usage of data exchange features for integration


From single user installs to cloud-based deployment and enteprise-grade solutions, we have the package that is right for your business.