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General questions

What is Visual Planning?
Visual Planning is a comprehensive, cross-sector solution for scheduling and planning, project management, budgeting, resource management, staff tracking and assignments, field service management, production management, and order tracking. Visual Planning is available for an on-premise installation or as a cloud-based software. It can be customized to fit the needs of numerous industries and cater for multiple departments.

We reduce project costs by helping you better organize your business and avoid costly unforeseen events that push deadlines and interfere with productivity.

What can scheduling software do?

Scheduling software increases team productivity by providing capabilities for sharing information in real time, planning company jobs and projects, and reducing costs associated with time inefficiencies and scheduling errors.

You can find details on specific functions and features that Visual Planning offers in our main features and solutions pages.

Can scheduling software be customized to my preferences?

Yes, it’s recommended that you customize your scheduling software to make it more efficient and tailor it to your unique project requirements for better organization.

In Visual Planning almost all aspects are customizable, from data structure to work processes, rules, views and displays, KPIs, reports and user rights.

How can using Visual Planning as a scheduling software help me save time?

Visual Planning offers you flexibility of a cloud-based solution, mobility through our VPGO app available on Android and iOS, and scalability for business growth. It enables you to save time with real-time updates, views designed to meet your unique needs, various options to share and publish information, and automated rules that you can set up.

How does scheduling software eliminate scheduling errors?

Top scheduling software such as Visual Planning provide you with tools to reduce scheduling errors, such as warnings for double bookings and overtime, options to find assign the right crew members to each task, ensure tasks are completed on time, and helps you identify bottlenecks and delays that may prevent you to execute goals as initially planned.

How does scheduling software help increase productivity?

Scheduling software such as Visual Planning increases productivity by allowing you to master all steps from planning to execution and reporting in a single platform that is available to all staff members, in and outside of the office thanks to our mobile app.

Teams get more productive as they understand how they can better allocate staff and resource during project planning and avoid unforeseen events that affect deadlines.

Is scheduling software scalable, can it grow with my business?

The right scheduling software should scale with your business. As your business evolves, the work processes can change to facilitate work within bigger teams, address specific needs of each group in a more refined manner and software should be flexible enough to follow suits.

Visual Planning offers the largest options for scalability and customizations on the market, so that your resource planning software can grow with you.

What types of business can benefit from scheduling software?

Several industries can benefit scheduling software including:

  • Field Service and Utilities
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecoms
  • Energy
  • Railroads and Railway, Public Transportation
  • Trucking and Fleets
  • Training Services
  • Event Planning
  • Government agencies
How can Visual Planning scheduling software help me keep track my workload?

Scheduling software such as Visual Planning can help you avoid employee workload nightmares by providing a solution to plan sufficiently in advance, plan worst-case scenarios, allocate tasks to specific people, and re-assign tasks to on-call staff when you need coverage.

Visual Planning provides a real-time graph forecast of the incoming workload, with colored highlights for bottlenecks. This gives you insight on when teams can take additional work, and when you should expect to get more things done.

How does Visual Planning scheduling software simplify staff scheduling?

Scheduling software simplifies numerous business processes such as dispatch, staff scheduling, HR, billing, and payroll, which makes you more efficient and reduces cost overhead due to project management errors.

How much does Visual Planning costs?

Visual Planning is priced per license, so costs vary depending on the number of users that will require access, and the type of access that they will need. Our standard license starts at 35 $ / month for our cloud offer, but some users may only need a mobile license at 15 $ / month (see our plans and pricing here).

We also offer consulting services to help you configure the application to create a perfectly tailored solution for your needs, as well as initial user training to get you started.

To get a better idea of your project costs based on your user pool and requirements, we do recommend that you check in with one of our team members and request a detailed quote.

Is Visual Planning available in the cloud?

Visual Planning is available as a cloud-based solution, which makes it easy to deploy, and is extremely cost effective for smaller teams. We rely on partners such as Google Cloud and OVH to offer you best-of-class hosting SLA, compliance and security. Our cloud offer is scalable, with options for dedicated servers, and mobile-friendly with the VPGO app fully enabled.

If you would rather keep software in house, Visual Planning can also be purchased to install on your own servers.

Does Visual Planning scheduling software integrate with other IT tools?

Visual Planning can be integrated with ERP such as SAP, billing and payroll tools, and any other pre-existing systems so that you don’t have to create double entries in multiple locations.

We provide a REST and SOAP API to enable developers to create their own custom integrations. Built-in import and export features also allows for easy transfer of data to office standards such as Microsoft Excel or CSV files and backend IT infrastructure such as MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle.

Is Visual Planning secure for personal data, customer data and privacy?

Visual Planning allows you to implement work processes, data retention policies and access rights that are compliant with the most recent regulations on personal data and privacy, such as EU GDPR. By using our cloud-based scheduling solutions, you harness the security expertise of our enterprise-grade partnered data centers, which hold SSAE 16 – SOC 2 and ISO 27000 compliance certifications.

Application servers are monitored by our personnel and daily back-up are performed to mitigate risks of data loss. Additionally, our headquarters in France hold ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.

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Construction and project management

Can you use a Gantt chart with project scheduling software?
The right scheduling software provides Gantt chart capabilities. Visual Planning has an intuitive, agile, and straight-forward Gantt chart creation tool for reporting and tracking.
Can I track my project cost and expenses in project scheduling software?

Scheduling software helps you track costs associated with project budgets by tracking rates and working time for all project resources as well as unit costs for materials and equipment, lump sum costs, and the guaranteed maximum price.

How can scheduling software help organize a construction project?

Scheduling software better organizes your construction project by helping you fully define a project before it begins, determine the right timeframe for the entire project as well as granular timeframes for each individual task, assign necessary human and material resources, and identify every constraint and restriction that could affect deadlines.

How can I monitor resource availability with Visual Planning?
Visual Planning lets you monitor resources using our real-time data and analysis tools. Track projects using our centralized, entirely customizable dashboard and reallocate resources immediately through drag and drop.

Using Visual Planning, you can anticipate delays before suffering huge monetary losses from missed deadlines and last-minute changes.

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Field services

Is Visual Planning available on mobile devices?
Yes, Visual Planning can be accessed on mobile devices through VPGO, our mobile app available on Android and iOS. Your remote users get seamless access to schedules, plans, project and task data through a tailored UI, receive notifications on changes and can perform edits and changes from their phones.

Data contained in Visual Planning can also be accessed and modified offline for users in remote locations. VPGO integrates with mobile device features such as fingerprint recognition, pictures and documents, geolocation and routing apps.

Can I track work orders in Visual Planning scheduling software?
Visual Planning centralizes all work orders into one convenient dashboard. View who is assigned each order, and use our scheduling software to ensure that customers receive service and delivery on time.
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Employee management

Can scheduling software track time off and absences?

With Visual Planning scheduling software, HR managers can track time off and absences, develop a flexible human resource database, manage skills, certifications and training schedules, and plan any future staff capacity.

Can I create key performance indicators?

Using Visual Planning, HR managers can generate ad-hoc reports and create key performance indicators for staff, managers and executives.

Can I integrate with any payroll solutions into Visual Planning?

If you currently have payroll solution in place, Visual Planning scheduling software will integrate directly into current ERP or payroll software.

Visual Planning can be integrated using our SOAP or REST API and uses the following standard data exchange features: CSV, XLS, XLSX, MsAccess, MySQL, SQLserver, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle.

Can employees be easily added or deleted in Visual Planning?

Visual Planning scheduling software gives HR managers a flexible, simple way to add or remove employees, view staff availability and plan for future staff capacity to keep business productivity running smoothly.

How do employees find out about shifts and tasks they're assigned to?

Employees can communicate tasks carried out by all team members, customize a schedule unique to the employee’s working hours, fill in timesheets and share schedule data through automated e-mails, web calendars that can be added in Ms Outlook or Google Calendars, text messages, and push notifications to the mobile app.

Can multiple people manage the schedule?

Employees can manage their own schedule based on their working hours, and a team can share and manage schedule data instantly using email, SMS, RSS feeds and calendar integration such as Outlook.


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