Analysis, strength of proposal
and implementation of your project

Our consulting service is composed of consultants / trainers involved from A to Z in the implementation of a Visual Planning project.

They have a double competence : functional and technical on Visual Planning

Their formations and experiences allow them to master the customers’ businesses, to apprehend their particular constraints as well as possible and thus to translate their planning processes into operational applications.




You know that you need a scheduling solution but you don’t know where to start from ? Do not worry ! Our talented consultant team is here to provide you the best service.

At the beginning of your project, a consultant is assigned to you, to help you define and express your needs. The consultant will create a customized demo based on a representative sample of your activity, so that you can see how Visual Planning is a perfect match to the kind of schedules you’ve imagined.

At Stilog, we make sure that you have the best customized schedule enabling you to gain more efficiency!



Visual Planning is a very intuitive solution, easy to use and open to all your scheduling needs. However, in order to be user-friendly and to fit all your needs, the solution needs a customized configuration : structure of the planing, define roles and users’ rights, creation of views, filters, indicators…

This service, essential to the best performance of Visual Planning, is performed by our experimented consultant team, in your offices or in ours : you choose! 

The consultant will go, with you, through all your project – from A to Z – to create the schedule you wanted. 




As a company doing business, managing people, salaries… You might have other business software solution such as ERP, payroll software… It is important to know that Visual Planning can be integrated to  other applications

If you need to do so, our teams can help you realize the integration : from Visual Planning to your information system and vice-versa.

The process is based on standard exchange features of Visual Planning:

  • Managed format: CSV, XLS, XLSX, MsAccess, MySQL, SDLserver, Oracle



A new scheduling software solution improves communication within a company. However, it is normal that certain habits and processes get modified.

Along the whole configuration process, we assist you during the shift to Visual Planning and make sure that the change is smoother. We can therefore help you in choosing potential work procedures.

We also can help you write Visual Planning users procedures adapted to your configuration. The handbook will contain simulations  adapted to your problematic and vocabulary.




If you already are using Visual Planning but you have other needs, and you would like to modify your configuration or update the version to enjoy the new features.

Please contact our consulting team and we will be happy to help.

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Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

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