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Good resource management is at the heart of any organization’s success!

The proper integration of your planning tool into your IS is the main guarantee of its durability.

Our philosophy in terms of integrating VISUAL PLANNING into IS consists of offering exchange possibilities for all types of deployment, from the most restricted to the largest, using :

An exclusive set of integrated and configurable exchange functionalities for rapid implementations, without specific developments.

Synchronous or asynchronous, uni or bi-directional data exchanges

1. Formats : xls, csv, xml, databases : MySQL, SQLserver, Oracle, PostGreSQL, MariaDB

2. Manual, scheduled, automatic, external activations.

An API supporting REST or SOAP webservices.



SAGE is one of the world’s leading publishers of management software. Its range of softwares covers all aspects of business management. From accounting, invoicing, payroll, to commercial management, crm, etc… Created in the United Kingdom, SAGE has developed in France on an indirect model. Indeed, the company distributes its software through a large network of partners, resellers, integrators, consultants, etc … In addition, SAGE has a matricial organization allowing to address its customers by their sector of activity and by their business.

Between 2007 and 2017, STILOG was granted of “Strategic Alliance for Building”, offering a link between MultiDevis and Visual Planning.

Today, many customers have interfaced Visual Planning with Sage tools. Let’s mention Batigest i7, Sage 100 MultiDevis Entreprise, Sage 100 Commercial Management, Sage 100 Payroll. These interfaces are not based on standardized connectors that are often rigid and restrictive. On the other hand, they are realized in coordination with your SAGE partner, according to your own needs, and thanks to the flexibility and the power of the exchange functionalities of Visual Planning.

Our partners ” Value Added Resellers ” in region are often in the first line of the implementation of these interfaces.



Often seen as the French competitor to SAGE, CEGID, founded in 1983 in Lyon, is also the market leader in management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. With a worldwide presence, CEGID is particularly active in the fields of public accounting, finance and taxation, payroll and human resources, and retail.

Among the various experiences of interface of Visual Planning with CEGID solutions, we can quote in particular those realized with the Production Management module of the PMI solution.

Logo Microsoft Dynamic Nav


If we don’t introduce Microsoft anymore, we have to admit that its position on the ERP market is getting stronger every year. Formerly “Navision”, now “Dynamics 365 Business Central”. “Nav” is a very open and scalable generalist ERP. It covers all aspects of business management. It also has a fully integrated approach: sales, customer services, HR, finance, etc…

In the context of its increasing growth with ETIs and large accounts, Visual Planning is required to exchange data with Dynamics Nav in different contexts of use of the software package. We get back business or projects for which Visual Planning brings all its functional richness of resource allocation. In some cases, the workloads thus assigned to the employees are sent back to Dynamics Nav. They feed the reporting functions, time entry, etc…

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Our main experiences with SAP, the undisputed world leader in ERP solutions, concern our largest customers and are most often implemented through the development of webservices based on APIs provided by Visual Planning or SAP. For example, for a French energy supplier, we retrieve the maintenance plan of the industrial sites from the SAP CMMS. It feed Visual Planning in order to assign maintenance teams and deduce the unavailability of components.

We have established partnerships with various SAP partners, both opportunistic and strategic. For example, we have created “Project One” with KALYDIA, one of the leading SAP integrators in France. It is an offer that links in the field of project management the power of SAP and the agility of Visual Planning for resource allocation.

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