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Vertical solutions

Our cross-sector expertise

Visual Planning is an extremely flexible platform and can be configured to meet comprehensive vertical requirements, sometimes across several departments and functions within an organisation. Here are some examples of areas that we will typically adress:
  • Project management
  • Construction management and multi-sites scheduling
  • Field service interventions management
  • Maintenance management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Employee scheduling
  • Room and work location booking
  • Fleet and assets management for vehicles, heavy equipment and machines, or IT assets
  • Training and certification management
  • Absence management


A large portion of our customer base is using Visual Planning as part of a complex IT system: from day-to-day office tools to ERP, CRM, CMMS, accounting and financial software, HR management solutions, access control systems, etc. Visual Planning can communicate with those systems to avoid double entries and provide users with key information coming from other platforms, whenever they need it.


For each deployment of Visual Planning, we work with you to accomodate any specific needs you may have and make the software fit like a glove. We provide comprehensive training, both online and onsite, to bring you through the learning curve and ensure your teams can get started right away. Our consultants, support team members and network of partners maintain high level of technical and industry-specific skills to offer you solution-oriented advice on resource allocation and scheduling processes.


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