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"We saved a lot of time and became a lot more efficient. Everyone can view status updates with a single click!”

Traction Director – Construction Sector.

Completing construction projects on time gives your company the momentum of success. But poor time, budget and workforce management can threaten the success of your projects. These shortcomings create significant additional costs, leading to a major negative impact on your profit margins.


Construction workforce
Identifying the most appropriate resources (workers, equipment, vehicles) for each job based on their skills, availability and location

Time tracking and scheduling
Real-time access to all information and status updates from the field to minimize completion delays and improve communication with your customers and subcontractors

Deadline and costs
Tracking and complying with deadlines and budgets

A good construction management tool needs to be flexible and intuitive, and enable all stakeholders to update the information you need in real time regarding project completion, unexpected delays or cancellations.  

Benefits from using Visual Planning for Construction projects

Visual Planning collaborative platform allows you to manage and monitor the planning and progress of your construction projects efficiently. For all trades or activity sectors, long or short-term projects, small or large teams, Visual Planning provides a flexible and adaptive solution to manage human resources and equipment.

Visual Planning construction project tracking

Key features of Visual Planning for Construction Scheduling

Construction project manager icon FOR PROJECT MANAGERS AND SUPERINTENDENTS

  • Plan and monitor your projects at the level of detail you need: macroscopic and/or very detailed
  • Access up-to-date information from all worksites immediately
  • Monitor forecasts, planned versus actual schedules, hours entered and progress made on each project
  • Manage teams, vehicles and machinery allocated to each site and get immediate visibility on their availability
  • Create and maintain your own database of customers, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Manage your subcontractors and suppliers efficiently based on costs, capacity and skills
  • Integrate Visual Planning with your existing IT systems: ERP, CRM and quoting applications

Visual Planning project schedule

Construction team iconFOR THE ONSITE TEAM

Visual Planning project app

  • Access your schedules from anywhere on mobile devices (tablets or smartphones)
  • Update your tasks in real time to indicate completion or delays
  • Generate precise, personalized reports for optimum tracking of your hours and expenses
  • Receive e-mail or SMS notifications for any change of schedule
  • Share information between connected users using instant collaboration features (chatrooms, forums)


Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. More than 400 construction companies worldwide already trust us with their schedules. Read their case studies and testimonials here or have a look at all features we offer to help you schedule efficiently


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