The past 15 october 2020, the 10th edition of the Top 250 of French software publishers was held in digital format, organized by Syntec Digital, TECH’IN France and EY (Ernst and Young). This ceremony was the occasion to present and highlight the role of the actors who contribute to the growth of the digitization in France.

We are proud to announce that Stilog I.S.T. It was ranked 136th in the overall ranking and ranked 43rd in the category “Horizontals Editeurs”, more than 10 places difference from 2019, in the 10th edition of the TOP 250 of French software publishers 2020.

Every year the entire Stilog I.S.T. works hard and with dedication to improve the presentation of our services, solutions and the work we do with each client.


Congratulations to the entire Stilog I.S.T team. for their contribution and their day-to-day work.

user club event 2020