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Socomec is an industrial Group specialized in secure power supply, control and security of low voltage electrical energy, for the industrial and services sectors.

Founded in 1922, Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 3000 people. Their core business is the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on our customers’ power performance.

When did you start using Visual Planning?

We started using Visual Planning on January 1st, 2012.

How did you find out about Visual Planning?

Through the Internet.

How did you work before Visual Planning?

Before Visual Planning, we used to work with another scheduling package.

What made you choose Visual Planning?

The ability to adapt it to our organization and extract event reports.

What is your configuration?

Network (5 schedule administrators and 29 users viewing schedules).

Can you describe the schedule(s) you have set up?

Managing the activity of four departments in the company

How long do you think the initial deployment of these schedules took?

One month.

What do you think of the services provided?

The consultant was very efficient and clear-sighted. He was quickly able to sketch out the structure of the application so that it would correspond closely to our work organization in order to make it easy to enter information, review the data entered in as much detail as possible and extract event reports. However, it is important to spread out the consultant’s operations so that the application can be properly tested at each stage of its configuration.

How long did it take your users to become familiar with Visual Planning?

It took about one week for the users to become familiar with Visual Planning.

What benefits of Visual Planning have you identified so far?

The ability to view the data from any PC, speed of data entry, ability to gather together a lot of information about our daily work directly from the schedule.

What advice would you give to new clients who want to install Visual Planning?

Anticipate and prepare thoroughly for the consultant’s visit so that you can describe the organization in place in as much detail as possible. It is also important to clearly delimit the scope of the application.

Any other comments?

Being able to create filters and event reports requires a good knowledge of the software. You need several hours of intensive use to become familiar with it. It is relatively intuitive in some areas but it is worth investing in a few hours’ training with the consultant to cover certain features specific to Visual Planning.

Richard Legold, Electrotechnical Laboratory Manager



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“Easy to use, it ensures a quick start without constraining training.”

Marc G. | Project manager

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