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“Visual Planning never say no”; Mike Eisenberg – Consultant.


Subsidiary of Pritchard Industries, Signature Metal and Marble is one of the finest top rate restoration and maintenance companies in New York.

Signature has been delivering high quality services to commercial buildings for over 25 years.

With over 100 employees, their highly trained team delivers the most advanced approach to restoration and maintenance for all their clients’ metal, stone, wood, door, and/or façade needs.


Prior to Visual Planning, Signature Metal and Marble relied on manual and paper-intensive processes. The lack of automation was time consuming and generated many organizational issues. Everything was done on sheets, sales teams had no CRM, proposals had no checklist, invoicing would occur too early, incompleteor late. Also, recurring maintenance contracts used to fall through the cracks generating the loss of 100K+ per contract. From sales processes to team scheduling and equipment management, so many pain points added upwith time.

Signature’s main need was to find an agile system that would be able to automate, centralize and properly track all the information to get better results.

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Signature Metal and Marble hired an expert to select the right resource scheduling and management software.

After shortlisting 10 resource scheduling software’s, the final choice came down to Visual Planning for its ability to answer all of Signature’s requirements. “What really stood out from the competition is that Visual Planning would do everything just like an ERP. Visual Planning never said no and was able to meet our expectations without having to integrate too many products” said Mike Eisenberg.

Visual Planning was, indeed, agile enough to fit all of Signature’s needs and integrate into all systems, such as managing purchase orders, expenses, CRM, payroll calculations, custom integration and payroll. VisualPlanning was also able to incorporate a whole bunch of moving parts into 1 solution.

As for the implementation, the process went smoothly.

Visual Planning’s implementation consultant provided a top-notch service by laying out all the processes and recreating them on the scheduling software. VisualPlanning was customized to solve all needs and painpoints with easy drag and drop usage which made it easy to use for the end user.

At the end of the project, Signature Metal and Marble had a full functioning platform, built from scratch, customized and completely adapted to their processes.


Visual Planning successfully managed to turn a paper intensive business into “paperless”.

Visual Planning allowed Signature Metal and Marble to have a global vision of the activity and connect the dots between accounting, payroll, reporting.



The resource scheduling and management software also managed to generate other positive outcomes such as:

Reduced workload

Signature Metal and Marble earned $150K per year, which represented the equivalent of a full-time workload of 3 people, thanks to a better management of workload data and resources. 

Soft Benefits

Teams’ efficiency was improved. They had all the data centralized in a single place which highly decreased errors and misunderstandings with clients. Teams never showed up again to appointments without the required equipment, team, etc. 

Sales generation

The sales process was improved and became smoother which enabled Signature to cut down contracts loses. Billing was never forgotten or late anymore.

Enhanced client satisfaction

Working with Visual Planning enabled Signature to increase satisfaction by providing a better service, reduce delays and realize more precise work by not forgetting any task.


Endless possibilities

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“Easy to use, it ensures a quick start without constraining training.”

Marc G. | Project manager

Optimize your resources, manage your activities efficiently, boost your productivity!
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