Colas Rail, one of the world’s major players in the railway sector, is using Visual Planning to manage machines, workforce, and maintenance. Learn how they virtually eliminate the risk of losing scheduling data.


Colas Rail was founded in January 2008 from the merger between Seco Rail and Spie Rail. The merger brought together two of the world’s major players in the railway sector and pooled their respective skills within one entity. Spie Rail’s and Seco Rail’s activities were complementary. Together they offer a world-scale, high-end railway expertise through one and the same company: Colas Rail.

Colas Rail can offer turnkey solutions and meet all the requirement of new high-speed lines (LGV), network maintenance and urban transport.


  • Employees: 3, 900
  • Turnover: € 656M
  • New Equipment Value: € 500M


Colas had been using various means to manage its operations: pen and paper, Excel sheets… With 3 sites and 15 staff members, they needed an highly collaborative, efficient tool in order to:
Better manage planning of technical resources
Allocate machines towards the field
Schedule human resources planning
Easily manage maintenance and after sales.


The software solution had to meet the following criteria:
Good ergonomics in all features
Easy to install and deploy
One centralized solution to cover all needs
User-friendly interfaces with colored threshold
Visual Planning quickly turned to be the most fitting solution in the market when it came to Colas Rail’s activities and requirements.


Visual Planning V.5 turned to be perfectly fitted for Colas Rail processes and staff. According to users, the software is flexible and scalable to the point that they can create as many events as they need. Colas Rail managers pointed out that Visual Planning eliminates the risk of losing scheduling data and has powerful exports features. They described Visual Planning as a reliable collaborative solution. The Visual Planning technical support team is extremely efficient, and the solution was deployed quickly.

Download COLAS RAIL’s testimonial (Pdf – 2 pages)