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GL events, a worldwide service provider of the events management industry, relies on Visual Planning to drive efficiency through secured information sharing, user-friendliness and mobility.


GL events is a worldwide provider of integrated solutions and services for events covering the market’s three main segments:

  • Congresses and conventions
  • Cultural, sports and political events
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions for professionals and the general public

Intervening on behalf of a large range of institutional and private companies in France and worldwide, GL events’ mission is to support companies, institutions, and event organizers at every stage of the event planning process.
GL events Live groups together the full range of business lines and services for corporate, institutional and sports events. From consulting services and design to producing the event itself, GL events Live’s teams provide turnkey solutions to major worldwide event customers. GL events Exhibitions manages and coordinates the Group’s portfolio of 300 proprietary trade fairs covering a wide range of industries: construction, transportation, environment, food, textiles, and more.


  • Employees: 3,896
  • Countries served: 56
  • Locations worldwide: +90
  • Visitors and exhibitors: +11M


“We have been using Visual Planning Version 4 for many years now, explains Maxime Durand, operation manager. As the team was growing, indeed the application is used by more than 80 persons; we needed to migrate from Version 4 to 5 to gain in user-friendliness and, above all, in mobility.”


“Since we migrated to Version 5, our everyday work has become even easier than before, especially using all kinds of devices to follow operations in real time. From tablets to cell phones synchronized with PC’s, my team and I can be everywhere without losing track of information. 
To summarize, we can say that Visual Planning does it all; from scheduling equipment and teams to planning transports. We know exactly where everything is located and where everybody is working and for how long. Intuitive and user-friendly, Visual Planning is used everyday by our teams even before opening our emails in the morning! We would be lost without it.”

Download GL Event’s testimonial (Pdf – 2 pages)


Endless possibilities

visuel ragu

“Easy to use, it ensures a quick start without constraining training.”

Marc G. | Project manager

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Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

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