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Roche Diagnostics, a leading pharmaceutical company focused on diagnostics and research, achieved outstanding management of its labs technical and human resources with Visual Planning as well as a user satisfaction rate of 92%.


Roche (Basel, Switzerland) is a leading pharmaceutical company focused on diagnostics and research. World leader in biotechnology, Roche produces drugs for the treatment of cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases, metabolic and central nervous system diseases. Roche is also the world leader in vitro diagnostics, and histological diagnosis of cancer. It is also a pioneer in diabetes management.

Roche Diagnostics France is the French subsidiary for the diagnostic activities of Roche.


  • Employees 82,000
  • Turnover CHF 45.5B
  • Pharma Division CHF 35.2B
  • Diagnostics Division CHF 10.3B
  • R&D: 20%+ of revenue


A strong market development related to new regulations led Roche to reorganize its services. It involved deploying a new software tool to manage Roche installations support. The new software solution had to meet the following requirements: Improve the efficiency of medium to long term scheduling of technical resources

  • Efficiently manage and allocate resources to various projects
  • Manage and optimize technical and human resources
  • Manage multiple locations throughout France, UK, and Germany
  • Easily cater to change of needs, evolutions, easily configurable


10 scheduling software solutions were compared. The tools were audited around the following criteria:
Flexibility to model different types of activities and not just planning
User-friendliness and ergonomics
Integration with other existing applications
Collaborative platform between several units
Ability to distribute workload and allocate human and material resources
When Visual Planning was chosen and deployed, additional requirement in other business units were very quickly identified: scheduling of clients’ training, “Tissue Diagnostics” Labs planning and management.


Visual Planning configuration evolves every day. It is working very well alongside Roche processes and the initial deployment was exactly in line with their specifications. A user survey of Visual Planning was conducted amongst the employees, and it gave a satisfaction rate of 92%!
Key Feedbacks: good data export, excellent indicators, evaluation of stocks, billing forecasts, various key figures in real time… Visual Planning is a must-have solution for all business units involved in the deployment and monitoring of dashboards.

Download ROCHE’s testimonial (Pdf – 2 pages)


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