What are the advantages of project management?

by | 2 Nov. 2023

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You want to put an efficient project management strategy? You’re right. Indeed, project management provides a lot of advantages. In this article, Visual Planning will invite you to discover six main advantages of a project management strategy.

You need to estimate the feasibility of your project 

You want to implement an important project in your company? Before you start, we recommend establishing his feasibility. Indeed, if at first sight, it could be interesting to begin a project, it could be the opposite.

Project management will allow you to establish if it’s good for your company, to start the project. With this, you will be able to see if your budget is enough or if you have the needed resources.

Project Management Scheduling

Project management scheduling is one of the main topics for every company. Indeed, every project needs to be realistic. If your production time is too short, your project team won’t follow the rhythm. Furthermore, your customer won’t be pleased by the result and much more if you ask for more time. When all tasks and resources will be defined, you will have a realistic estimation of your project.

Project monitoring will be also easier for your teams. Indeed, this facility allows your teams to see any information about your project (delivery date, resources, costs, …). At the same time, they can also share the evolution of their tasks.

Having a project monitoring also allows your teams to keep being motivated. Indeed, your co-workers will have an idea about the evolution of the project. It’s essential even more when the project is complex and takes place over several months.

Estimate the cost of your project with your Project Management software 

It’s essential to schedule a project, even if it takes time. Indeed, if the project is well prepared, your co-workers will save time because you will decrease their scattering. For example, instead of taking 8 days to realise a task, they can take only 5 days to do it. So, they will be able to pass to the next task quicker than expected who is a great advantage to control your costs.

In the same way, you will discover that some tasks can be done at the same time: time saver and cost saver. If your cost’s estimation is realistic, you will have more chance to success in your project.

Make the right decision with your Project Management software

Project Management involves a project manager and a project owner. Each of them is managing different teams, involved in the project.

So, you understood it, project management will make the communication easier between both teams. Indeed, if your co-workers had the access to a project management software, they would all know how the project is going. They will benefit from a better organisation. They will benefit from a better collaboration too.

Increase the quality of your products

Thanks to the project management, deliverable’s quality will be increased. Indeed, the project manager will be able to follow project’s progress. In this way, if a problem appears, he will be able to come up and find a solution.

For example, if one of your co-workers has created reporting but he isn’t sure on certain point, he will communicate it easily to the project manager. This one can take the decision to make a re-reading by another co-worker before sending the reporting to the client.

You now have a better understanding of project management’s benefits? You need help to implement it? You’re looking for a project management scheduling software?

If yes, feel free to contact Visual Planning team. We’re pleased to identify with you, how project management can help you and how it can increase your efficiency.

Visual Planning: the software who make project management easier!

You’re looking for a project management software who allows you to manage your resources and increase your efficiency? Visual Planning is an unavoidable scheduling software. He makes your project’s resource management better!

Visual Planning: a flexible and intuitive project management software

Our software, available in SaaS or with license purchase, fits to your company and to your needs (scheduling, organisation, …). Our project management software will help you to:

  • Take the right decision for your project,
  • Meet the expected goals,
  • Save a precious time and your resources of your project.

The main features of our project management scheduling software 

Hereunder, a list of the main features available with our project management scheduling software. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or more features:

    • Project scheduling,
    • Global visualisation of the life cycle of your ongoing projects,
    • Monitoring of the project and tasks traceability,
    • Production Management,
    • Resource Management,
    • Stock Management,
    • Billing,
    • Risk Management,
    • GANTT Chart,
    • Personalised Reports, …

Visual Planning’s project management scheduling software can be used by every people involved in the project. It concerns the project managers as well as the project team member.

For the project manager

    • Scheduling and global visualisation of project life cycle.
    • Management of the unforeseen event. This feature allows you to quickly change the allocation of your resources according to availabilities, skills, and locations.
    • Real-time monitoring of the schedules and the resources.
    • Real-time monitoring of project progress with the Gantt chart.
    • Possibility to create a lot of schedules for each people involved in the project and to make collaboration easier.
    • Create personalised reporting of your project.
    • Centralise your project’s data: resources, constraints, tasks, documentation, files, …

For the project team

    • Ability to indicate the time spent on the project and how it’s progressing (schedule, absence, RSS flow, …).
    • Real-time monitoring of the correction given by the project manager, in every project.
    • Identification of variances in deliverables.
    • Export project information’s (actions, synthesis, time spent, workload, …) to other scheduling and management tools.
    • Ability to enhance teamwork between consultants, service providers, internal resources, … thanks to a chatbot available for each people.

Discover our powerful project management scheduling software and increase your efficiency!

If you have any questions about Project Management Scheduling Software, feel free to contact us, we will help you to make the good choice.

Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. Find out more about all Visual Planning features here, or read our case studies to understand how we are helping many companies to leverage their inner strengths.

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