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Being Thankful for Powerful Scheduling

“Happy Thanksgiving” is the first of many seasonal greetings at this time of the year. As we give thanks for family, friends, and of course food; we at Visual Planning, are thankful for our awesome clients! To that regard, this blog is dedicated to giving thanks for effective scheduling. Here are 3 testimonies our clients have shared describing why they are thankful for Visual Planning.


Thankful for Mobile Scheduling

If Visual Planning was a sports car it would be Ford Mustang, powerful, reliable, and mobile. We appreciate Visual Planning for its accommodating and dependable tools, in addition to their mobile capabilities. Visual Planning allows our technicians the ability to use geolocation, monitor equipment distribution, and view assigned work orders through their mobile devices and tablets.


 With Visual Planning, users can access their schedules using desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. To learn more about how your company can implement wireless scheduling ecosystem visit the Visual Planning website.


Thankful for A User-Friendly Interface

Being the least tech savvy person in my department; Visual Planning saves me one less trip to I.T. Now I can manage my team with ease; with a drag and drop Visual Planning does the work for me!


As a simple yet powerful resource management and scheduling solution, Visual Planning offers its users a selection of tools with intuitive design and practice.


Thankful for Well-Rounded Scheduling Software

It’s become our company’s Bible! Prior to Visual Planning, our department managed a staff of 30+ employees on spreadsheets and whiteboards. Visual Planning has made our office more efficient because of its automated features. Now we can track assignments, automate machine scheduling, and monitor inventory; all on Visual Planning!


Whether you are a small business or a large cooperation, Visual Planning truly tailors to your enterprise.

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Endless possibilities

Testimonial Marc G.

“Easy to use, it ensures a quick start without constraining training.”

Marc G. | Project manager

Plaquette Visual Planning Optimize your resources, manage your activities efficiently, boost your productivity!
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Recevez nos dernières informations et mises à jour sur Visual Planning

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