Is it essential to have ticketing for my customer service ?

by | 25 Sep. 2023

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Nowadays, more and more companies make the choice to integrate ticketing for their customer relationships management (CRM). What is the ticketing ? How does it work ? Why the tool became essential for the customer service ? Can this tool do to be integrated to a CRM like Visual Planning ?

Find out the answer to these questions in this article !

What is the ticketing ?

Also named “Desk ticketing system”, the ticketing is a tool integrated to the CRM, who allows your teams to handle your clients needs : needs of information, comments, bugs, complaint, incident, …

This tool, multifunctional, centralise client’s need, whatever communication channel is : phone call, mail, social medias, physical events, …

His role is to convert the request in tickets. After this first stage, these tickets are affected to the team member, according to their technic skills. So, the client has a warranty to have the good representative for each request.

What is ticketing advantages ?

Ticketing has the advantage to centralise every request and integrate the discussion in the same place. The other advantages are to make the work of the technician easier and give to the client, a warranty about the treatment of his request.

To make the CRM easier, ticketing can classify requests by order of priority, by categories, and by status :

    • Priority level : very urgent, urgent, important, normal.
    • Categories : information, comment, request, incident.
    • Status of the request : new request, awaiting treatment, in process, problem solved, closed issue.

How ticketing software is working ?

Integrated to a CRM software, ticketing software offers these following functionalities :

    • Centralising in one place, all discussion between CRM team and clients.
    • A personalised CRM software with the colours of your company.
    • An integrated Q&A to give your clients some advice to solve their problems alone.
    • The ability to classify the request by priority level and the needed skills, to schedule the intervention, and to give a precise response to each one of them.

Task automation allows your teams to answer quickly to the most frequently asked questions. KPI’s integration allows your teams to evaluate the quality of your service and if it’s bad, to increase the quality of your service to increase customer satisfaction.

The main advantage of ticketing

With every feature available with ticketing, you will hold all the cards to give your clients, an excellent after-sales service.

    • Make your discussion easier : history of each discussion and every information. This feature allows you to communicate easier with your technicians and your clients.
    • Personalised service : client’s trustiness is higher when they have a after-sales support consistent with company’s brand identity.
    • Immediate solution : an available Q&A in your website decreases the number of interventions. Thanks to the Q&A, your clients can find the information by themselves to solve their problems.
    • Responsiveness : with ticketing, you can gain time on request treatment thanks to the automatization of some tasks.
    • Proactivity : the KPI’s allows you to keep constantly increasing your company customer satisfaction. These KPI’s will show the performance of your teams but also to increase your customer satisfaction.

In addition, after every intervention and if it was good, you can send a customer satisfaction survey. You may won new brand ambassadors who will realise advertising in your place.

Ticketing isn’t reserved for large companies

Another ticketing advantage is the fact that he can be used in every company, whatever the size of your company. It’s also easy to adapt it to your business and, to your customer service expectations.

So, if you’re the CEO of a small company, an average company, or a large company, you have everything to gain.

This after-sale service’s tool gives you a fast, efficient, and reactive customer service. This time gain will let you focus on the other tasks who are more important for your company.

Integrate ticketing in a CRM software like Visual Planning’s software.

Visual Planning’s software can integrate a ticketing tool in our CRM software.

Even us, in our company, we’re all using ticketing to let our customers communicate with our after-sales service. Named as “Hotticket”, we use it to treat clients’ requests.

Looking to your expectations in term of customer service, we can integrate your ticketing tool to our CRM software. Among the numerous ticketing tool present in the market, we can list : HubSpot, Crisp, Zendesk, Monday, Freshdesk, …

Hereunder, some advice to help you choose the perfect ticketing tool :

    • Choose a tool adapted to your customers type (B2C or B2B)
    • Identify how your customers contact you to target the tools that meet the different profiles of clients and gives you the advantages to facilitate the exchanges (if they contact you more often by mail, by phone call, by social media, … ?)
    • Try on different tools to choose the one who is intuitive, easily customisable, and easy to use for your team and your clients.

If you have any questions about ticketing and how it can be implemented in our CRM software, feel free to contact us, we will help you to make the good choice.

Visual Planning is available on premise or in the cloud. Find out more about all Visual Planning features here, or read our case studies to understand how we are helping many companies to leverage their inner strengths.

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